Samsung French Door RF28R7201DT/AA

Samsung French Door RF28R7201DT/AA: Guide to This Great Looking Refrigerator / Freezer and Its Unique Features

Samsung not only gives its appliances “Smart” technology but innovative designs as well. Imagine having a refrigerator with French Doors. Additionally, there are two horizontal doors beneath that open up drawers, for a total of four compartments for organizing refrigerated and frozen items. The “FlexZone Drawer” has four temperature settings, giving you more control in how cool you want to keep your food in the Samsung French Door RF28R7201DT/AA.

You can control the temperature remotely via smartphone. The fridge is Bixby and Wi-Fi enabled. Independent freezer and fridge controls keep the food at an ideal temperature and stay fresh longer. The “Ice Max” bin is large-capacity and can store up to 4.2 lbs of ice. The full-width drawer is a “CoolSelect Pantry” with three temperature control settings that allow you to defrost or chill food to preferred temperatures.

There are bright LED lights that illuminate each compartment’s interior so that you can easily see the food and ice/water dispenser. The lighting also enhances the interior design. Speaking of the dispenser, it makes the ice quickly yet quietly. The shelves inside the Samsung French Door RF28R7201DT/AA are adjustable. They go from standard to flip-up or slide-in, making it easy to install bottles and tall items.

The dimensions, including the handles, hinges, and door, are 35 ¾-in W x 70-in H x 36 ½-in D. Each shelf and compartment is adequately sized. Many owners find that the middle drawer is ideal for storing bread, cheese, snacks, and any items that will be regularly accessed. Don’t worry about any spills – the shelves are spill-proof and made of quality tempered glass. Overall, there are 5 of these shelves, including two fixed ones, one slide-in, one slide-out, and one foldable half. Additionally, the Samsung French Door RF28R7201DT/AA has six clear door bins.

Samsung French Door RF28R7201DT/AA Energy Efficiency

Additional features include twin cooling plus, CoolTight Door, two humidity-controlled crispers, power “freeze,” and “cool” options. The French Door refrigerator is ENERGY STAR compliant and ADA compliant.

A few finishes to choose from on this stainless steel refrigerator: Stainless Steel, Tuscan, Black Stainless Steel, and White.

The Twin Cooling Plus feature helps to prevent freezer burns and spoilage. The humidity levels it’s capable of are near-commercial grade. This technology will help preserve food and beverages longer, meaning that you’ll save money on groceries over time.

Take advantage of Samsung French Door RF28R7201DT/AA financing solutions to help you pay for this durable appliance for your “Smart Kitchen.” Samsung designed it to last for a long time and help you better manage your groceries and save money.

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