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Buy a Gaming PC Online – All the Important Things to Know When Buying a Gaming Desktop or Laptop Online

Buying a gaming PC isn’t that much of an investment for most people these days. They are getting considerably cheaper, as prices are becoming more competitive. Every brand makes it possible to buy a gaming PC online at either a reasonable price or through simple financing. It mostly boils down to what YOU want, whether it’s a laptop, desktop, or all-in-one (although AiOs for gaming are on the more expensive side).

One of the most important considerations is what kind of games you want to play and the graphics’ intensity level. If you’re an experienced gamer then you probably already, how important this is, and have an idea of what kinds not. If you’re a newer gamer, suppose casual one, then you can check. In that case, the system requirements are listed on various games’ websites, explaining what you need for those games to run smoothly.

Mid-sized towers are ideal for most people who want a desktop. Compact and small form factor towers are small enough to fit anywhere. However, they might not offer as much in terms of upgradability and expandability if they have enough room to fit in plenty of hardware, which leaves less room for fans or proper cooling features.

On the other hand, full-sized towers are too large and bulky. When you buy a gaming PC online, look over the dimensions and weight. Read reviews from others to see what they say about the size and how easy it is to add new hardware and make upgrades.

Buy a Gaming PC Online With a Good Processor

The processor is important as well, and we recommend that you do not go below a quad-core processor – even if you’re on an extreme budget. Since computers become more affordable overall, it shouldn’t be challenging to find an inexpensive desktop or laptop with a 4-core or above chip. As for the graphics, if you want to access VR / AR content, you’ll need NVIDIA GTX 1060 or greater OR an AMD Radeon RX 480 +.

It’s ideal for any game that you buy a gaming PC online with at least 8GB of memory – especially if you’re buying a laptop, as the memory is often soldered. Ideally, there should be a free slot that will allow you to add more memory later on if you need to.

Other noteworthy specs include the hard drive (an SSD drive is always better for gaming than a SATA) and the display. The better quality of display that the graphics and processor will support for desktops, the better it will be for gaming.

Keep all of these factors in mind when you buy a gaming PC online. Even though it’s mostly known for business computers, Lenovo deals for gaming laptops are worth checking out. You’ll find those deals, as well as others, here at this site.

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