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Buy High End Gaming PC Buying Guide: Tips for Shopping & Recommendations on the Best Gaming Computers

If you haven’t yet treated yourself to a new PC this year, there is still time. Suppose you’re stuck at home in quarantine and have enough money. In that case, you might want to buy high end gaming PC (desktop or laptop) to keep yourself occupied and entertained. Or, if you’re a gamer already, then it might be time to upgrade to a better, newer model.

The types of specs you need and the gaming PC cost depends on what kinds of graphics content you are interested in. Suppose you’re a more casual player who wants to play MMOs. In that case, you probably won’t have to spend that much, as mid-range PCs for casual players are usually affordable and cost no more than $1,000. You might need to pay a bit more for quality audio, video recording, a microphone, and other accessories if you want to try streaming on Twitch.

Those who want to go all out with MMOs, but with console syncing and maybe even VR-content, will need to buy high end gaming PC. To experience VR content in 2021, you will need at least something like AMD Radeon RX 5700, MSI GeForce RTX 2060 6GB Gaming Z, or GEFORCE RTX 3070 (or higher).

Additional specs for higher-end gaming are (at the minimum): Intel i5 processor / 12GB RAM, and super-fast Solid State Drive with 256GB or more. Just make sure all of the specs work well together and can match each other’s power. Only opt for something like an NVIDIA RTX 3090 if you can afford a powerful processor to match. This level of power and performance is also ideal for 3D creation as well as high-end gaming.

Buy High End Gaming PC With These Recommendations

Here are a few recommendations on what to consider when you buy high end gaming PC from one of the leading brands:

  • Dell – Dell G5 Gaming Desktop (multiple specs available) / Alienware Aurora 10 (AMD powered)
  • HP – OMEN by HP Obelisk Desktop / OMEN X laptop / ENVY Curved AiO
  • Acer – Predator Helios Laptop series / Aspire TC-390-UA92 (budget / entry-level desktop)
  • Lenovo – Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop / Legion Tower 5i Gaming Tower
  • Asus – ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop
  • MSI – MEG Trident X

There are plenty enough options for you to look into, whether you want a gaming laptop, desktop, or even all-in-one.

When you buy high end gaming PC, be sure and use any coupon offer that might help you save. At this site, you’ll find just about any deal, including Dell promo codes, Acer discounts, and other types of deals.

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