Dell Inspiron 24 5400

Dell Inspiron 24 5400: A Guide to a Must-Have All-in-One with Touchscreen, Good Assortment of Ports, & Sleek Design

If you’re getting tired of your desktop tower but don’t necessarily want to replace it with a laptop, it’s time to consider an all-in-one. A 24-inch screen is the right choice for a first-time AiO buyer – especially if it’s a touchscreen. One particular model you can’t go wrong with is the Dell Inspiron 24 5400, with its full HD touch display and appealing black or silver casing. It also comes with good options for stands, such as a bipod stand or arch stand.

Keep in mind that there are various configurations and pricing options available. Not all of them include a touchscreen display, so be sure and invest in one that does to get the best screen performance that an all-in-one can offer. It doesn’t cost that much more to have a narrow border AIT Infinity touchscreen. Plus, you’ll still get other impressive specs.

Every configuration comes with a Dell mouse and keyboard. There are plenty of ports located around the all-in-one to allow for easy connections. You won’t need to use very many thanks to wireless and Bluetooth technology, so the Dell Inspiron 24 5400 won’t cause any clutter around your desk or table. Plus, there is a keyboard storage area underneath the display.

Dell Inspiron 24 5400 Connectivity

There are 3 USB 3.1 Generation 1 Type-A ports, a rear USB 2.0 Type-A port, 1 USB 3.1 Generation 2 Type-C port for Dell PowerShare charging, 1 RJ-45 and 10/100/1000, SD card reader 3.0, HDMI in and out, microphone/headphone jack, and DC power.

There is also a good speaker design and sound quality. While it’s not advertised as a gaming machine, you can still add an optional NVIDIA graphics card if you want to enjoy a bit of gaming. One neat feature that comes with some models is Mirror Device to PC, which allows you to project your iOS or Android device screen on to the 24-inch display. The phone connects to the AiO through Dell Mobile Connect’s highly-secure point-to-point connection.

For the processor, the Dell Inspiron 24 5400 may come with either Intel Pentium Gold (7505) with 4MB cache or an 11th Gen. Intel Core i3 (1115G4) with a 6GB cache. The amount of memory (DDR4 / 2666-MHz) is 8GB. The storage options include 1TB 2.5-inch SATA (1TB) and M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (256GB).

Whatever your budget is like, the Dell Inspiron 24 5400 is almost all you could ask for in an all-in-one. It’s available at an affordable price, regardless of which configuration you choose.

For prices, check out the Dell page.

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  1. The worst graphic performance ever… don’t buy this unit for playing game, u are not able to play single games.
    Intel integrated graphics are FAR FAR FAR WORST than built in Graphics in Ryzen..
    Ryzen built in graphics are far far far much better..

    that means Asus Expertcenter graphics is far much better than this Dell… and the price is cheaper too

  2. I feel I was scammed. The computer doesn’t work. All I’m being offered is to send it in to fix it, it is supposed to be brand new. When I ask about returning it, I am hung up on.

  3. I bought it from dell this computer. it never worked properly from day 1. it is very very slow you cant do anything on it.
    They told me i should speak with technical support which they fixed it that should work for the next 20 minutes that’s it.
    Now they don’t want take it back.

  4. Do not buy! Do not buy! Worst computer ever! Total scam. I bought it, two months later it arrived. It didn’t work. Kept freezing, turning off on its own, getting the blue screen. Called tech support 3 times and disconnected all three times. Did the chat, was able to get it to work for less than a week. Super frustrated I decided to take a break from calling Dell about it since there’s wait times and poor customer service, too stressed out and not enough time to deal with it.
    Apparently I called a day late to return the computer. An hour and a half later, No exceptions. Only option tech support. Tech support says it’s not covered under the warranty as it’s not a hardware issue. I have to pay for repair. Are you serious!? I buy a brand new computer, it doesn’t work at all, and I have to pay for it. Yea, run, as fast as you can. I’ve had Dell before and didn’t like it and was hesitant this time around, but needed an All in One. Not worth it at all.

  5. Slowest computer ever. Dell refuses to accept return or fix it. Win 11 and a horrible hard drive make this the slowest computer I have ever used. Don’t waste your money.

  6. It’s a POS Computer. Has never worked, I have other Dell products and always thought of it as good. This is a $500 paper weight that we purchased. Everything on it is slow, and warranty covers nothing. Dell will not fix the issue unless I pay another $99. It’s been sitting in the garage for the last 10 months, it was purchased 11 months ago. Tech support is the worst and get all hyped up when you tell them it’s a poor product.

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