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Acer Laptop Guide: Find Deals on Chromebooks, Swift, Aspire, Nitro 5, and More

There is plenty to choose from when shopping for an Acer laptop. Compared to some of the other name brands in the computer industry, Acer’s products are pretty well-made and durable. Whichever laptop you choose should last you for 3+ years. This brand is also known for its affordability.

While it used to be geared more towards businesses, there are now Acer school laptops, gaming laptops, 2-in-1s, consumer Chromebooks, and more. Not only are the prices reasonable, but there are also usually discounts and promo codes available for online shoppers. The official store has a “Laptop Deals” section where you will often find popular models at a discount price.

What are you looking for, exactly? Or do you want to browse for now? If you want a business laptop that keeps things simple, then the Swift series is worth looking into. The ConceptD line is for professionals who need powerful, mobile workstations. Initially, the ConceptD workstations cost quite a bit of money. Still, the price is coming down these days, and it’s easier to find a good deal on this Acer laptop.

As far as gaming laptops go, the Nitro 5 is ideal for casual gamers who don’t need something ultra-powerful. This series is more in line with mainstream gaming. The Predator series (namely Triton and Helios) comes with everything more advanced and hardcore gamers need. The Predator laptops are still affordable compared to gaming laptops from other brands with similar specs.

Acer Laptop Choices – Chromebook and Classic

Acer offers Chromebooks, too, for those wanting to ditch Windows. They come at various sizes and prices, ranging from around $200 to $1,500 or so. Once again, check the Acer Laptop sales page to see if any of them are currently on sale. Don’t see any listed? Check with your favorite online shopping coupon sites to see if you can find a promo code that you can apply to your overall order.

Acer’s classic flagship line, the Aspire, is still available and among the brand’s top-selling machines. These are for anybody who doesn’t need anything special. They are traditional laptops with modern designs that you can use for all regular web tasks and activities. The Aspire line models still come with good specs like Intel Core i3 / i5 /i7 and solid-state drives.

Whatever you are looking for in an Acer laptop, promo codes and coupons are available right here, along with Dell discounts, Samsung deals, and more. Don’t forget about accessories, either.

For prices, check out the Acer page.

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