Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e Info: A Quick Guide to the Battery, 5.8-inch Infinity Display, Security, Design, Build, & More

With an all-day intelligent battery, wireless power share, expandable memory, and great colors to choose from, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is an excellent choice for a new phone. It has many camera software upgrades that offer features such as Single Take AI and Pro Video. Users get a complete set of pro lenses, including micro-zoom for details on an epic level and ultra-wide capabilities for beautiful landscapes.

There is a vastly improved Infinity-O Display as distractions are gone. Precise laser cutting has been utilized to “tuck” the camera away within the display to allow for a more cinematic viewing experience without sacrificing any photo quality. Take better photos AND have a display, both. The S10e has a super slim design that fits comfortably in any hand, purse, or jacket pocket.

The 5.8-inch Infinity Display has a full HD+ Dynamic AMOLED screen that is HDR10+ certified. This technology means it delivers Dynamic Tone Mapping for impressively real contrast and color in each scene, including those in darker environments. The resolution is FHD+ 2280 x 1080. There is also Dolby Atmos technology and stereo speakers added to deliver high-definition sound.

Adaptive Power Saving Mode manages the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S10e by learning the user’s usage patterns and daily routine. Apps you are not currently using are powered down. The battery capacity is a typical 4100-mAh, which can last for a full 24-hours, depending on usage. The Fast Wireless charging 2.0 technology brings the battery back up very quickly. When using a wireless charging duo pad (Samsung), the charger’s Turbo Cooling fan prevents the S10e from overheating.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Dual SIM Support

There is dual SIM support with Hybrid SIM capabilities, which allows for the flexibility of two numbers. However, the SIM card comes separately. The availability of the dual SIM might not be available with every carrier or country. Stats for the Wi-Fi are up to 1.2Gbps (download) and 1.2bps (uploaded). For the LTE, expect up to 2.0Gbps (download) and 150Mbps (upload).

Whatever the environment is like, the Samsung Galaxy S10e won’t become damaged quickly. It has an IP68 rating, which is the highest standard possible for mobile devices regarding dust and water resistance. There is a lot of security technology built into the hardware and software for data and sensitive info protection. Samsung Knox protects the Galaxy from the second it is turned on.

Anybody who is thinking of investing in the Samsung Galaxy S10e can find some great deals online.

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