Alienware x14

Alienware x14: An Ultra Slim Gaming PC That Doesn’t Compromise Performance With High End Functionalities

The Alienware x14 is a gaming laptop that comes in color variations of Lunar Silver. It is a scaled-down 14 inches version of otherwise ultra-large legacy gaming laptops. The laptop comes in a very slim size with a blend of ultra quality finish of machined aluminum and magnesium-alloy in a contrasting black base unit display. In addition, it features thin bezels with a maximum opening angle of 135° which guarantees optimal functionality.

Despite its smaller size, the Alienware x14 gaming masterpiece delivers a top-class visual experience via its 14 inches Full HD Non Touch display that has a high resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with a refresh rate of 144Hz, 3ms with Dolby Vision, Advanced Optimus, CV+ and NVIDIA G-SYNC support for uncompromised, high-resolution image and audio-visual quality during gaming.

Processor Options

Elite, top-end performance is to be expected with the adaptation of a dual configuration of Intel’s 12th generation Core i5-12500H processor that is powered by 12 cores and 16 threads with a maximum processing speed of 4.50 GHz via Turbo boost and Intel 12th generation Core i7-12700H processor powered by 14 cores and 20 threads with a max processing speed of 4.70GHz via Turbo boost.

Pushing the limits of perceivable media and graphics is the amalgamation of a new age NVIDIA graphics card that supports up to GeForce RTX 3060 6GB video RAM. With a stable and high-performance solid-state drive that supports up to 2 TB M.2 PCle NVMe, you’ll never have to worry about lags and freezes, even with extended gaming uptime.

As for connectivity, the x14 boasts solid functionalities. Users can connect to wireless networks and devices for a more immersive gaming experience with its wireless functionalities that include an Intel AX211, 2 by 2 MIMO Wi-Fi 6E with a standard transfer rate of 2400 Mbps clocked at 2.4/5/6 GHz, and a Bluetooth v5.2 adapter.

The smaller and optimized size makes the Alienware x14 ideal for on-the-go gaming and usage. With a starting weight of 3.96 lb (1.84kg), this gaming laptop is significantly lighter than others and, by extension, easier to handle, giving users flexibility in their task allocation and gaming uptime.

Alienware x14 Specifications

  • OS: Windows 11 Home, Windows 11 Pro
  • Display: 14 inches Full HD 1920×1080 pixels, 144Hz, Non-Touch, 3ms, Advanced Optimus, CV+, NVIDIA G-SYNC
  • Processor: 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12500H (18 MB cache, 12 cores, 16 threads, up to 4.50 GHz Turbo), 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700H (24 MB cache, 14 cores, 20 threads, up to 4.70 GHz Turbo)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050, 4 GB GDDR6, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, 4 GB GDDR6, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, 6 GB GDDR6
  • Memory: 16 GB, LPDDR5, 4800 MHz, integrated, 16 GB, LPDDR5, 5200 MHz, integrated, 32 GB, LPDDR5, 5200 MHz, integrated, dual-channel
  • Storage: 512 GB, M.2, PCIe NVMe, SSD, 1 TB, M.2, PCIe NVMe, SSD, 2 TB, M.2, PCIe NVMe, SSD
  • Dimensions: Height (rear): 0.57 in. (14.50 mm), Height (peak): 0.57 in. (14.50 mm), Height (front): 0.57 in. (14.50 mm), Width: 12.65 in. (321.50 mm), Depth: 10.34 in. (262.77 mm)
  • Starting weight: 3.96 lb (1.84kg)
  • Battery: 6 Cell, 80 Wh, Lithium-Ion, Alienware Battery Defender

Other features of the Alienware x14 include a 1-zone RGB keyboard with N-key rollover technology, a Microsoft premium precision glass TouchPad with a multi-touch gesture, and a 720p at 30 fps, HD RGBlr camera with support for Dual-array microphones.

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