HP ENVY Recline 23-k100xt TouchSmart All-in-One Review – A Great Choice of a Family Entertainment Computer

This 23-in display has touchscreen capabilities; users can swipe and tap through programs with a flick of a finger. It can be positioned upright, on the user’s lap, set up on a counter, etc. It’s designed for comfort and adjustability. All of the components are built into the display for space-efficiency. An immersive touch experience with helpful apps, premium audio, high definition photos, etc. are all offered by the HP ENVY Recline 23-k100xt TouchSmart All-in-One.

With HP Connected technology, users can store, edit, and share files and documents via a single login. HD content can also be shared with other PCs wirelessly with the optional Intel WiDi.5 Conquer technology that allows data to be streamed over dead zones and interference. Bluetooth version 4.0.7 is also available. Every PC and device in a network is brought together with syncing technology.

The processor included with the starting price is an Intel core i5 dual-core 4th generation model with a 4 MB shared cache at 2.9 GHz. It can be upgraded to an i5 quad-core or i7 quad-core, with various speeds and cache options.

The Recline 23-k100xt comes with 8 GB of memory, which is upgradable to 10 GB, 12 GB, or 16 GB with 2 DIMM. The 8 GB is enough for most users, as it is more than what the average computer offers.

HP ENVY Recline 23-k100xt TouchSmart All-in-One Graphics and Storage

With NVIDIA graphics, users can stream videos, games, and other multimedia. A 1 GB GeForce GT model comes with the base price. Many movies, documents, and files can be saved on the 1 TB hybrid hard drive. A solid state drive with 256 GB is also available.

This all-in-one can be turned into a command center, with both 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports, a microphone and headphone combo jack, 3-in-1 memory card reader, and mini PCIe. The HDMI in-port allows for the computer to be connected to an even larger display if required. Everything from a smartphone to a gaming console can be connected to this HP TouchSmart.

With features such as Beats Audio, a subwoofer, dual speakers, etc., the TouchSmart computer delivers a premium audio experience. Users can expect the best sounding audio possible from a computer.

This is a nice looking computer. In addition to its glossy display, it has a thick black bezel framing. Both the bezel and screen are covered with edge to edge glass. At each corner of the bottom of the display, two silver frame pieces come together and tuck under the stand, which is made of brushed-aluminum.

The HP ENVY Recline 23-k100xt TouchSmart All-in-One is among the best family entertainment computers available today.

If you’ve been shopping online for an all-in-one entertainment computer, then take a look at HP ENVY Recline 23-k100xt TouchSmart All-in-One discounts. This is a great choice that offers a lot of value!

HP Laptops and Desktop PCs Overview – An Introduction to the Pavilion and ENVY Series, Touchscreen PCs, & More

Hewlett Packard has always been among the leading providers of computers to businesses and home users both. There are so many types of computers available, ranging from desktops to tablets. Consumers can always expect the latest technology, hardware, and software when it comes to HP laptops and desktop PCs.

The series that appeal to most users include ENVY, Pavilion, and TouchSmart. These lines of PCs are updated on a regular basis with the newest IT technologies. There is also a wide range of accessories and peripherals available. They are optional and can be added with most laptops and desktops.

What kind of HP PC or tablet are you looking for?

About HP Laptops

The brand offers every type of laptop you can imagine: high-performance, business, educational, hybrid, ultra-books, touchscreens, etc. There are laptops with large displays that can be used in place of desktops. Ultra-portable machines are available if you want something you can carry around.

Some of the HP Pavilion and TouchSmart models come with touchscreen capabilities. You can swipe and tap your way around the Windows 8 interface. They have light and thin designs. Some of these touchscreens are even available in different colors.

If you want an ultra-performance laptop, you will find that there are several to choose from. They can be equipped with powerful processors, graphics, high-amounts of memory, large hard drives, and so forth. The Select Editions of HP ENVY models are very popular gaming laptops that offer good performance and speed.

Although most of the current line of laptops comes with the Windows 8 or 8.1 Operating System, there are still a few ultra-thin notebooks available with either the Chrome OS or Android system. The new SlateBook, for instance, is powered by the Android OS and a NVIDIA Tegra processor.

HP Desktop PCs

The desktops are customizable and expandable. There is always room for more if you need extra memory or storage space. Even the lowest priced machines have a bit of room for upgrades.

Like the laptops, there are many types of desktops available, ranging from everyday computing PCs to all-in-one machines. They all come equipped with either 3rd or 4th Generation processors. Since they are customizable, you can choose the features you need when you place your order. Every desktop comes with a base configuration that you can stick with when placing your order or select upgrades.

The all-in-one machines range from 20-inches to 23-inches. These are nicely built computers that make a great addition to any family room or living room. All of the components aside from the keyboard and mouse are built into the back of the display.

Speaking of displays, HP desktop PCs don’t automatically come with them. This is good news if you don’t need one. They come with HDMI or DVI technology which allows for them to be connected to just about any modern high-definition display or television. If you do need a display, you can add one to your order.

HP Pavilion Computers

Easy maintenance, quality builds, essential features, affordability: these are just a few of the benefits that the Pavilion desktops and laptops offer. They belong to Hewlett Packard’s Personal Systems Group. If you’re not looking for anything fancy, this series is where you should start. You can expect all of the essential components and features you need for regular everyday use.

The laptops in this budget series come with displays of all different sizes. Some of them have the standard 1366×768 resolution, and some have high-definition 1600×900 resolutions. The mid-sized and larger laptops can hold 500 GB to 750 GB of storage space.

The HP Pavilion desktops are known for their sleek black towers. Although the towers are large, they’re still not as heavy or as bulky as one might expect. You shouldn’t have any problems finding space for one in your home. Speaking of space, these desktops all offer expandability. There is extra room for additional memory, more hard drive space, etc. Some of the higher-end models, such as the Elite series, can even be used for multimedia and gaming.

HP ENVY Series

From ultra-books to powerful desktops, this is perhaps the brand’s most versatile line of PCs. The desktops are known for their newest-generation processors and good graphics options. The newer models come with Windows 8.1. If you haven’t used Windows 8 yet, you might be surprised at how much more advanced it is compared to Windows 7.

The laptops and ultrabooks come with exclusive technology that ensures their durability. HP CoolSense technology, for instance, detects whenever the system is running demanding programs or applications. The fan is automatically triggered to run faster.

Some of the newer ENVY laptops come with new Leap Motion technology, which is set up like a Nintendo Wii. It detects natural movements and gives users a fully immersive 3D experience. If you want a laptop for entertainment, this one is a must-have.

The hybrid models in the ENVY series are worth mentioning as well. These are notebook and tablet combos. They can be adjusted in tablet form whenever you want to use touchscreen capabilities. You can turn them back into a regular notebook whenever you want to type.

HP TouchSmart PCs

The TouchSmart laptops, ultrabooks, and all-in-one machines are a sub-category of both the Pavilion and ENVY series. If you are looking for a touchscreen PC, this is where you should begin your search. They all offer support for high-definition touch-enabled display technology. You can choose from notebooks and ultrabooks of all sizes as well as all-in-one PCs with displays as large as 23-inches. The technology allows for you to make fluid swiping and tapping movements.

Some of the HP TouchSmart models, such as the 15t and 15z are available in different colors, such as sparkling black and pearl white. Most of the features, including the memory and hard drive, can be configured.

Only computers with 64-bit Windows 8.1 are able to support touchscreen technology. Some of the TouchSmart PCs come with the option to upgrade to Pro 64.

Essentially, all HP laptops and desktop PCs make good investments due to the fact that they are so configurable. They come with enough support for a few years’ worth of expansions and upgrades. Since they have a good, sturdy construction, you won’t have to worry about them breaking or falling apart.

You can find all of the HP laptops and desktop PCs online. Whether you want a Pavilion, ENVY, or TouchSmart, you can find HP discounts online. There are some really amazing deals available. Just grab some HP promo codes or coupons and get started!

HP ENVY 700-210xt Review – An Inexpensive Desktop That Offers Multimedia, Useful Applications, and Expansion Options

Are you looking for information on affordable computers? A good budget PC that offers a lot of value is the HP ENVY 700-210xt desktop. What it comes with is a lot of power, memory, storage, etc. HP has a reputation of being one of the best names in the computer industry, and this desktop is proof of the brand’s superiority.

One of the reasons why it’s a great PC is because it comes powered by a newest-generation processor. A quad-core i7 model by Intel Core is as powerful and fast as processors come. Combined with Intel high-definition graphics, it can run almost any program, game, document, etc.

The desktop also comes with a 1 TB hard drive. Not only is it a large hard drive, it’s also a fast one at 7200 RPM. This is more than enough storage space than anyone will ever need. No matter how many files you download, you won’t run out of room. If you do want extra storage, you can upgrade to 2 or 3 GB. There is also an option to add a solid state drive (256 GB) to the 700-210xt. If that isn’t enough, you can expand even more since there is room for a second hard drive.

The overall design of the tower is sophisticated. While nothing fancy, it does offer a modern look with a black, polished finish. A sliding panel covers the front-mounted ports in order to give the tower a clean look. On the top of the tower, there is a built-in connectivity pad. It allows for connectivity with devices and accessories.

Speaking of which, you can sync photos and files across this ENVY and devices such as your digital camera, mp3 player, external hard drive or flash drive, and so forth. The HP Connected Photo application allows you to create your own albums and share the photos with family and friends.

HP ENVY 700-210xt’s Audio

When it comes to audio, you can customize the sound system. Add a subwoofer and dual speakers to the audio setup. With the Beats Audio technology, you can enjoy your favorite music as it was meant to be heard.

The CyberLink Media Suite is another advantage of having this desktop. It comes with a set of useful multimedia applications that come in handy. These applications offer tools and utilities to help you with tasks such as video editing, document creation, audio enhancement, etc.

The HP ENVY 700-210xt obviously offers a lot of entertainment and productivity for its price. If you ever want to expand or upgrade, there is enough room for more hardware. You can easily build it up to meet your growing needs in coming years.

Whatever you’re looking for in a computer, you can get it from this HP desktop. You can customize it and save money in the process by using HP ENVY 700-210xt promo codes. Take a look at some HP coupons and learn what they can be used for and how to apply them to your order.

HP Pavilion 500-200t Guide – A Popular PC That Offers Multimedia Tools, Connectivity, Customization, and Versatility

The most sought after desktops these days are ones that offer versatility and expandability. One that offers both of these is the HP Pavilion 500-200t. It offers everything from multi-core processor power to advanced audio technology. Whether you want to use it for the home or office, it comes with both wireless and built-in wired networking.

The tower is built to be compact, yet still large enough to hold a lot of hardware. You can get the expandability you need without having to compromise desk space. If you need a display, you can add one to the order. This desktop comes with multi-display capabilities. You can connect it to multiple monitors at the same time if you want to do some multi-tasking.

HP offers a selection of i3 Intel processors, ranging from 3.4 GHz to 3.6 GHz. A fast processor results in better performance. Tasks and programs run a lot more smoothly now when compared to processors from previous generations. You can even run some 3D content such as games and multimedia software. Whether you want to open large text files or play a game, you won’t have to sit around and wait all day for the content to load.

In addition to i3 processors, this Pavilion also comes with good graphics support. Although the base option is standard Intel HD, you can add a NVIDIA or AMD graphics card at a low price. HP doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for powerful graphics support like some other brands do.

Connectivity with other electronics is easy thanks to the wide array of ports. These include USB ports, headphone and microphone ports, memory card reader (7-in-1), etc. The HP Pavilion 500-200t can become the center of your home entertainment.

Memory Choices for HP Pavilion 500-200t

How much memory will you need in order to run your favorite programs? Included in the starting price is 6 GB of memory. The desktop can hold a lot more if that’s not enough. Go up to 8, 12, or even 16 GB (2-DIMM) of memory.

Go up to a 3 TB hard drive or stick with the 1 TB that the PC comes with. There are also a number of external hard drive and flash drives you can order. For virtual storage of files and documents, HP offers Cloud access.

There are numerous applications and tools available to help you with multimedia tasks. The CyberLink Media Suite gives you a useful webcam app, tools for video editing, slideshow creation, photo enhancement, and so forth.

The HP Pavilion 500-200t is capable of just about any computer task you can think of. If you ever find that you need more storage space or memory, there will always be an option to expand. While it’s not as powerful as some high-end gaming desktops, it can still do a lot more than the average desktop. It’s also affordable, and offers great value.

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a high-end desktop when you can get one such as this at a lower price. It offers almost as much performance and speed. All you have to do is use a HP Pavilion 500-200t coupon or promo code to save money on it.

HP Pavilion 500-210qe Review – A Look at the New Processor Options, Hard Drives, Audio Technology, and More

The leading brand that is now offering Haswell processing technology is HP. This new micro-architecture for processors was developed by Intel Core. It’s a step-up from the Ivy Bridge architecture that is still found on the average PCs. The HP Pavilion 500-210qe is a new, popular desktop that not only has Haswell technology, but other good features such as Windows 8 and DTS+ Sound.

Although it’s a home PC, it can still be used for business as well. You can use it for just about anything, as long as you customize it with enough memory and graphics technology to meet your needs. Its expandability and versatility make it a very convenient computer.

HP has always been good at building its computers with quality materials. It’s not a cheaply made computer by any means, yet it’s still available at an affordable price. Its glossy black tower has enough room for additional components.

When listening to music, podcasts, radio, or any other type of audio, you will be able to enjoy quality sound. The DTS Sound+ technology, combined with the speakers, produces rich sounds. The Pavilion 500 comes with applications and tools that help users organize music files. You can edit them in a number of ways and create playlists.

There are multiple options for the Intel Core processor. Every option is a 4th generation model. Choose from several i5 and i7 models. The starter option is an i5 processor that can get up 3.0 GHz. This is more than enough power and speed for everyday tasks. You might not have to upgrade unless you want to run demanding programs and games.

Memory Choices for HP Pavilion 500-210qe

It’s also the same with the memory. The default 6 GB of memory (DDR3) may or may not be enough for your needs. The computer can hold up to two memory modules totaling 16 GB.

Choices for graphics support include AMD HD, NVIDIA, and standard Intel HD, which is the default option. You can choose one of the better graphics options when customizing your order or add an advanced video card later on.

The optical drive is a DVD writer/player. There is room for a Blu-Ray player if you want one. Store all of your favorite movies and songs on the 1 TB hard drive. This is expandable as well; up to 2 TB more can be added on.

While it’s not the most powerful PC in existence, it still offers you a lot to work with when you have it custom built. The HP Pavilion 500-210qe can be build to meet most of, if not ALL of your requirements. Whether you want it for general, day to day use, or want to use it for something more specific, you have enough customization options to build it accordingly.

If you’re interested in this Pavilion after reading HP reviews, you can order it online. Internet shoppers get the best deals. To get started, take a look at HP Pavilion 500-210qe promo codes. Read over the offers and compare them so you’ll know exactly what they are to be used for.

HP ENVY 700-230qe Overview of a Great Desktop That Offers Good Processor, Memory, and Hard Drive Options

The great thing about HP computers is that they can be used for just about anything. They are well-built machines that are available at affordable prices. A good example of the versatility and quality offered by this brand is the HP ENVY 700-230qe. It can be compared to the powerful high-end desktops from other brands, yet it’s considerably cheaper.

There is enough versatility with this ENVY that it can be used for business, entertainment, or both. The tower has a sleek, sophisticated appearance with its black finish and red light. There is room for additional hardware such as more hard drive space and memory.

Like most desktops these days, the monitor is optional. Consumers have a choice to order a display if they need one, but the option isn’t forced on them if they don’t. The desktop comes with connectivity technology which allows for it to be connected to most displays and HDTVs.

It also comes with support for multiple display connectivity. This is a good benefit for users who like to multi-task. Entertainment such as videos can be displayed on one display and a business application can be displayed on another.

Speaking of multi-tasking, the powerful processor and RAM the HP ENVY 700-230qe comes with can handle it all. Quad-core i7 processors that can get up to 3.4 or 3.5 GHz is as good as it gets. These are 4th Generation processors that are normally found in PCs that are far more expensive than this one. Online shoppers can choose between the 3.4 GHz and 3.5 model.

HP ENVY 700-230qe RAM Options

The system memory is also extremely important when it comes to how well a computer will perform. A high amount of memory means that the system can run quickly. Applications have a faster loading time. The system doesn’t get bogged down. The 700-230qe can be customized with 12 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB of memory. The 12 GB (2-DIMM) is the default option.

Although the PC comes with one hard drive and one optical drive, it can hold two of each. The primary hard drive choices include a 256 GB SSD, 2 TB SATA, and 3 TB SATA. The standard DVD drive is a SuperMulti writer. There is an option to either upgrade it to a Blu-Ray player, or choose both.

As for graphics, this system can support up to 4 GB of NVIDIA technology. The base option is Intel HD graphics, but this can be upgraded to NVIDIA.

The average, everyday computer user might not have to upgrade at all, since the base/starter configurations are great enough as it is. Those who do want to expand a bit will find that it is easy to do so.

Whether you’re looking for a new desktop for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good processor and hard drive. Just use HP ENVY 700-230qe coupons to get this PC at a low price. HP promo codes are available for online shoppers.

HP Pavilion 20-b220t All-in-One Review – Examining this 20-Inch Family Computer, Its Design, & Configuration

Computers have evolved a great deal over the past couple of decades. Older models of desktops were very large and heavy. They would take up too much space on a desk. Not only did users have to make room for the computer tower itself, but for the monitor as well. Thankfully, desktops of today are more compact. With computers such as the HP Pavilion 20-b220t All-in-One, the tower, display, and components can all be combined.

HP, of course, is a leader in the consumer computer industry. Its line of all-in-one PCs are affordable and nicely built. If you are thinking about investing in one of these PCs, your best bet is to go with the 20-b220t.

This one stands out for a number of reasons: it looks nice, doesn’t take up a lot of room, and is affordable. The 20-inch display isn’t the largest by today’s standards, but still offers a good viewing experience. You can enjoy watching movies and looking through digital photo albums in high definition. Text is crisp, clear, and easy to read as well.

The display has a 16:9 aspect ratio and supports 16.7 million colors. The resolution is 1600×900, which is comparable to that of high-definition televisions.

The Pavilion all-in-one makes a great family computer. Set it up in the living room or den for the entire family to enjoy. It can handle videos and audio very well, thanks to its 2.6 GHz processor and 4 GB of memory. The memory can actually be upgraded to 8 GB if your computer needs require more. The processor supports the HD graphics (Intel). The base option is Intel Pentium, but if you want something more powerful, you’ll be glad to know that it supports Intel Core i3 processors.

Connections in the HP Pavilion 20-b220t All-in-One

Although it comes with productivity ports, this all-in-one supports wireless connectivity as well. The only cord that is essential is the power cord. Everything else, including the keyboard, mouse, microphone, etc., can be used wirelessly as long as they are compatible. For devices that do require a physical connection, there are USB ports (3.0), a multimedia card reader, microphone and headphone jack, etc.

For your storage needs, you can expect a 1 TB hard drive. It’s large enough to hold all of your family’s programs, photos, videos, and files. Make backup copies of those important files and documents via the DVD burner.

The PC comes with some good software as well. Keep your multimedia organized with the CyverLink Media Suite, HP Connected Music, and Connected Photo.

In short, the HP Pavilion 20-b220t All-in-One is a good, everyday desktop that doesn’t take up a lot of room. Since everything aside from the keyboard and mouse is combined together as one unit, you won’t have to go out of your way to make room for it.

Is this the right computer for your family? If it is, then you will want to look at some HP Pavilion 20-b220t All-in-One discount offers. It’s already inexpensive compared to other all-in-ones, so using discounts or e-coupons to get an even bigger deal on it is an offer you don’t want to pass up!

HP ENVY Recline 23-m210qd TouchSmart Beats SE Guide – Why Should You Consider Getting This Desktop for Your Home?

Are you thinking about buying a new computer? New PCs pop up on the market all the time, and it can be a hassle to sort through them all. If there is one brand that is consistent when it comes to putting out good desktops is HP. The brand is always able to produce well-built and versatile PCs and make them affordable to the everyday user. One of its newer PCs that has been getting a lot of praise lately is the HP ENVY Recline 23-m210qd TouchSmart Beats SE.

Imagine having all of the components of a desktop combined with the display. That’s exactly what this computer does. It’s an all-in-one desktop with a 23-inch display. The components are all built into the back part. While the display is large enough to hold all of the hardware, it’s still surprisingly compact.

You can set it up anywhere in your home and use it as a family PC. With its good video card and processor, it can run multimedia fairly well. The display itself is not only large; it offers support for high-definition content.

The discrete graphics chip is powerful enough to handle a lot of mainstream 3D games and applications. It’s a NVIDIA GeForce chip that is built on to the motherboard. While it’s not as powerful in discrete form as it would be in video form, the NVIDIA chip still offers better performance than standard Intel HD graphics.

For the memory, there is a dual-channel architecture that can hold anywhere from 8 GB (1 DIMM) to 16 GB (2-DIMM). Even if you stick with the base option of 8 GB, you’ll still be getting a good amount of memory for an everyday computer.

HP ENVY Recline 23-m210qd TouchSmart Beats SE Storage and Processor

Your storage needs will be taken care of with the 1 TB hard drive (hybrid). It can hold an amazing amount of data, from movie files to large programs. This drive is included in the starting price for the ENVY Recline. There is an option to add a 256 GB solid state drive as well.

The importance of the processor is common knowledge – even for those who don’t know much about computers. A fast processor is able to support efficient applications and tasks. The newest generation of Intel Core processors is the best you could hope for in today’s consumer market, and that’s exactly what you’ll find with this all-in-one from HP. There are two i7 models from which you can choose: one that runs at 2.0 GHz (base option) and another at 2.5 GHz.

Now you have some idea of what to expect with the HP ENVY Recline 23-m210qd TouchSmart Beats SE. Whether you want to stream sports games, watch movies with your kids, play games, or do any other type of activity; you can count on this PC to run everything smoothly.

Even if you’re on a budget, you shouldn’t let the cost of an all-in-one PC worry you. There are some great HP ENVY Recline 23-m210qd TouchSmart Beats SE coupons available, as long as you order online. HP always gives the best deals to online shoppers, so be sure to check them out!

HP ENVY 700-010xt Overview – An Affordable, Expandable PC Geared Toward Entertainment

These days, many people prefer to have a desktop that is capable of handling multimedia. Why settle for a cheap, average desktop when you can get a fast, powerful one for just a bit more money? The HP ENVY 700-010xt is a good choice: it comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, great graphics options, 1TB hard drive, and more.

It’s customizable, expandable, and capable of handling all types of multimedia, including audio, video, graphics, and 3D software. It’s also inexpensive. As your needs expand, you can add more memory, speed, and performance to this PC. It offers enough expandability to last for years to come. It’s easy to add new components or add new ones, thanks to the tool-less access build. Even if you know nothing about computers, you’ll still find that accessing the internal components with this desktop is a simple process.

You can enjoy music and other audio in the highest quality possible with the Beats Audio technology. There is an option to add a subwoofer and dual speakers if you really want to go all out with the music.

Save all of your music files and other important data on a large hard drive. There is enough room for two SATA drives and a SSD drive. The system comes with a 1 TB SATA drive, and you can add another one plus a 16 GB SSD if you wish. The 700-010xt also has multiple Blu-Ray and SuperMulti options for the optical drive.

Graphics Features of the HP ENVY 700-010xt

The AMD Radeon HD graphics support HDMI, DVI, DP, and VGA via adapter. If you already have an HDTV or display, you don’t have to order one with this computer.` The graphics technology works well with DX 11. Thanks to this, you can expect vivid colors and an amazing immersive experience when you plan online games. If you prefer NVIDIA graphics cards, you will find that they are available for this PC as well.

The i7 processor is a quad-core model. This is about as good as it gets when it comes to processing power. The system can clock at 3.4 GHz. With this processor along with the advanced graphics cards, the desktop can run any game or multimedia application.

It’s not surprising that such a powerful desktop can hold up to 32 GB of memory. It comes with 8 GB and you can add more whenever you need it.

The HP ENVY 700-010xt is proof that gaming and entertainment desktops don’t have to be expensive. If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll need extra hard drive space or memory, you can go with the cheapest options for the time being and then add more later on. Don’t miss out on a chance to own a desktop like this; there are always ways to save.

Why not go ahead and take a look at some HP ENVY 700-010xt promo codes? Find out how you can get a great deal on this PC. HP offers online shoppers plenty of ways to save. You can even customize the ENVY desktop to match your needs.

HP ENVY 700-030qe Review – What Users Can Expect from This Powerful and Expandable Desktop and Its Technology

HP’s line of gaming desktops offers a lot of value. They come with everything a high-end desktop comes with, yet they’re not as costly. More and more people are starting to play computer games, so there is a need for desktops with good graphics-capabilities. One of the best PCs available today is the HP ENVY 700-030qe. It’s a fast system that can perform any task with efficiency.

The black front panel and red accents give the tower a nice appearance. `There is some extra space inside the tower for additional hardware, such as a second hard drive or optical drive. This desktop offers a lot of versatility and expandability.

The system is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce graphics. There are two options for the i7 processor: a 4770 model and a 4770K model. The former can go up to 3.4 GHz and the latter can go up to 3.5 GHz.

The GeForce graphics options range from 1 GB to 4 GB. There are also options for a 1 GB or 2 GB Radeon graphics card. A high amount of graphics support is required in order to keep the frame rates per second (FPS) up on 3D games. IF the computer can’t handle the demanding game graphics, there will be lagging. The memory options for the HP ENVY 700-030qe include 12 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB. The 12 GB option is available as 3 x 4 GB or 1 x 4 GB +1 x 8 GB.

HP ENVY 700-030qe Hard Drives

While most newer desktops can hold up to two hard drives, this one can hold up to three. It can also hold two optical drives. It only comes with one of each, but more can be added on at the time of the order OR in the future. The hard drive it comes with is a 1 TB SATA G6. The secondary or third drive can be a 256 GB SSD.The primary optical drive is a SuperMulti DVD burner, which can be combined with a Blu-Ray player or burner.

As for connectivity, this desktop doesn’t disappoint: it comes with plenty of USB ports, a 15-in-1 media card reader, headphone and microphone jacks, etc. The networking technology includes integrated WLAN and Bluetooth. For the operating system, online shoppers can choose between Windows 8 Professional and standard Windows 8 for home users.

Part of the reason why the ENVY 700-030qe provides value is because it won’t need to be replaced for a long, long time. It’s durably built and comes with enough power to get any gamer started. If more memory or better graphics capabilities are required later, they can easily be installed.

Are you thinking of doing some online computer shopping? This is the right place to start. Thanks to HP ENVY 700-030qe discounts, you won’t have to spend a fortune on a gaming desktop. This one can handle just about any game, movie, or software applications you throw at it. It’s well worth the investment.