HP ENVY x360 15t Touch Guide – A Look at This Flexible Notebook/Tablet Combo, Its Control Zone Technology, and More

360 degrees of versatile is offered by this high-performance notebook or tablet. The HP ENVY x360 15t Touch is a convertible PC with features such as a Control Zone trackpad, Beats Audio technology, Intel i5 processor options, and support for multi-touch gestures. You can use it as a notebook, and then flip it in tent mode and use it as a tablet. What sets it apart from other convertible PCs is that it also features a stand mode for doing work or watching videos.

The construction includes high quality material casing combined with an interior and exterior finish in a natural silver color. The brushing design makes it appear robust and solid. It’s a 5.3 lb laptop with 10.2×15.1×0.9 inch dimensions. This makes it comfortable to carry in one hand.

It’s easy to open apps and switch between them with a swipe of a finger. You can also do side-by-side multitasking.

Powered by a new i5 or i7 dual-core processor (depending on your configuration), combined with Intel HD graphics 4000, the machine can handle most modern productivity applications and office tasks smoothly.

The 15.6 inch display is a touchscreen model that supports ten-point touch capabilities. The standard display that is included with the base price has a resolution of 1366×768. There is an option to go with a full high definition display with WLED backlighting and a 1920×1080 resolution. Intel wireless display technology is also available, which allows you to enjoy games and multimedia content on a large HDTV. There is also an HDMI port located on the right side of the machine.

Keyboard and Screen Options of the HP ENVY x360 15t Touch

The keyboard is full sized, complete with a numeric keypad. Backlit technology makes it easy to type in the dark. In addition to the HDMI port, the HP ENVY x360 15t Touch also includes both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, 1 microphone and headphone port, and an RJ-45 port. An SD media card reader with one multi-format is included as an expansion slots.

6 GB system memory (DDR3L) as 2-DIMM comes with this device. This can be upgraded to 8 GB system memory as 1-DIMM. The hard drive is 500 GB (5400 rpm), with an option to upgrade to 750 GB or 1 TB hard drive. A hybrid hard drive with a 500 GB capacity is also an option. No internal CD or DVD drive is included, although one can be added during the order process.

Wireless technology includes integrated Bluetooth and wireless WAN.

The HP ENVY x360 15t Touch is a great choice if you’re looking for a convertible notebook/tablet with a touchscreen and flexibility. It offers good performance, speed, and storage options.

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HP Pavilion 14t Overview – A Nice Laptop Featuring High Quality Audio, 4th Generation Processor, and Personalization Options

One good laptop that offers a balance of style and productivity is the HP Pavilion 14t, with its useful apps, hardware configurations, and appearance. With Windows 8.1 or 8.1.5, fast switching between applications is enabled. Users can also manage files easily and run software smoothly.

A few colors are available for the chassis: white, vibrant red and natural silver. The display is a 14-inch diagonal HD model with WLED backlit technology and a 1366×768 resolution. A touchscreen is also available.

This is a new notebook with all of the latest technology, including a 4th generation dual-core processor and Intel high definition graphics. The base processor is an Intel Core i3 model. You can upgrade to an i5 model if you require more speed and power. A 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphics card is also available. With discrete graphics, the notebook comes with a 65-W power supply, and with integrated graphics, it comes with a 45-W power supply.

Optimized, dual speakers combined with HP Connected and BeatsAudio deliver the highest quality sound possible. As with many other HP PCs, the 14t comes with an app that will allow you to enjoy music from different sources. Streaming sources are available if you want to discover new music. For the music lover, possibilities are endless with this software and technology.

Have a video chat with friends or associates via the front facing HD webcam. The HP TrueVision cam features integrated dual digital microphones.

Technology Features in the HP Pavilion 14t

Technology for syncing and organizing photos is also included. It allows you to access all your photos and albums across multiple mobile devices and the notebook. You can capture images and auto-sync them to a Snapfish album.

The amount of system memory (DDR3L) available with the 14t ranges from 6 GB to 12 GB, both of which are 2-DIMM. 8 GB 1-DIMM is also available. The 6 GB is included with the starting price and is enough for multi-tasking with most programs.

The Ethernet LAN network interface is integrated with 10/100 BASE-T technology. Wireless technology is 802.11 b/g/n 1×1 WLAN. Bluetooth and 802.11 ac WLAN are also available as options.

The weight of this Pavilion notebook is 4.3 pounds, and its dimensions in inches are 13.62×9.68×0.96 (WxDxH). A four-cell battery (41 W/hr) is included with a life of up to seven hours, depending on how much power you use.

With all of these features, including a vibrant design and good hardware, it’s obvious why the HP Pavilion 14t is among the most popular of the new generation of notebooks.

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HP 15t TouchSmart Review of a Reliable, Productive Notebook with Many Great Features

This is a value-packed notebook that offers reliability, portability, productivity, and more. The touchsmart version of the 15t notebook includes a high definition LED display with a capacitive touchscreen. It has an attractive design, which includes a comfortable keyboard and various color options. The HP 15t TouchSmart is available with a dark blue, white, silver, red, purple, or black chassis and frame around the standard black keyboard.

The touchscreen technology is optimized for Windows 8.1. It’s easy to swipe your way through apps, zoom into pictures, etc. The computer is highly intuitive and reacts to touch gestures quickly and smoothly.

One of the best features is the VGA webcam, which is capable of taking video and photos in high definition. It’s a front facing, integrated webcam with a digital microphone. The dual speakers are conveniently located to provide rich audio, no matter where you have the 15t situated.

This notebook is powered by Intel Core dual-core processors, starting with a 3rd generation i3 model. You have the option to go with a 4th generation model if you want to upgrade. Intel HD graphics, ranging from 4000 to 4400, are included with the processors. While you won’t be able to run demanding 3D content, you will still be able to stream videos and music.

As for memory, the HP 15t TouchSmart comes with one user accessible slot. 6 GB of system memory (DDR3L) 2-DIMM is included; this is upgradable to 8 GB 1-DIMM.

HP 15t TocuhSmart Storage Space

There is plenty of storage space for saving videos, music, documents, files, etc. The hard drive is 500 GB (5400 rpm), and is upgradable to a 750 GB or 1 TB model. This much storage space is unique for a small notebook. There is also room for a DVD burner optical drive for DVDs and CDs.

Stay connected to the internet, both at your home and while on the go with the integrated 10/100 BASE-T network interface and 802.11 b/g/n wireless technology and optional Bluetooth. The power supply is a 45-W AC power adapter and the lithium ion battery is available as three-cell or four-cell. Maximum battery life is four hours and thirty minutes, depending on how much power you use.

For connectivity, two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port are included. The headphone and microphone slots are combined. With the HDMI port, you can connect the 15t touchsmart to a larger display. Expansion slots include a multi-format media card reader (SD).

Now you know what to expect with this touchscreen notebook. No matter what you want to use it for, you can trust that the HP 15t TouchSmart will be able to perform most everyday tasks.

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HP Pavilion 15z Beats Special Edition Overview of the Design, Technology, Hardware, and Features

This special edition notebook from HP comes with Beats Audio technology and a built-in subwoofer. Users can enjoy music, games, movies, and other videos with the best audio possible. Not only is it designed for entertainment, the HP Pavilion 15z Beats Special Edition is a great looking notebook with its red and black themed design. Construction includes an aluminum lid backing, rubberized surface on the palm rest and surrounding area, and red backlighting. The chassis is durable and inflexible, and the lid is sturdy and firm.

The keyboard on the 15z is full size, quiet and has a cushioned feel. The keys are nicely sized and soft to type on. The red backlighting makes typing possible and simple in poor lighting conditions. The touchpad has a spacious, anti-glare surface. It can be disabled if the user prefers to use a mouse.

The Connected Music and Beats Audio technology makes it easy to organize music by artist, song, album, or other criteria. Users can create playlists and even share them. Other features that come with the 15z Beats SE include HP Simple Pass and Protect Smart, which protects the notebook’s data and keeps everything safe from accidental bumps or drops.

An AMD quad-core A8 processor powers this notebook, along with Radeon HD graphics. There is 8 GB of memory with the option to upgrade to 12 GB or 16 GB. This is more power and speed than what the average laptop offers.

Other Technologies in the HP Pavilion 15z Beats Special Edition

Syncing technology is available for enabling files across multiple devices to be consolidated, organized, and uploaded to the cloud. Online services can be used to search across all devices connected to the HP Pavilion 15z Beats Special Edition.

Files can be stored on the notebook itself thanks to the 1 TB hard drive, which is upgradable to 1.5 TB. CDs and DVDs can be read or created via the SuperMulti DVD burner.

The display is a 15.6-in diagonal high definition model (1366×768) with WLED-backlighting and touchscreen capabilities. A full HD (1920×1080) model is also available.

This is an energy efficient notebook that weighs 5.99 lbs. It’s ENERGY STAR qualified with EPEAT Silver. The power supply is a 45-W adapter. The battery is four-cell and has a maximum life of four hours and forty-five minutes. Wireless technology, including Bluetooth is available. The integrated network interface allows for the 15z SE to be connected to a home network.

The HP Pavilion 15z Beats Special Edition is an inexpensive notebook designed for entertainment. It can be personalized to suit a user’s specific tastes and computing needs.

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HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition Review – Why Does This Touchscreen Laptop Stand Out? What Configurations Can You Expect?

Are you shopping for a touchscreen entertainment laptop? If so, then the brand you will want to look at is HP. It has always offered the most advanced computer technology at prices most consumers can afford, so it’s not very surprising that the new HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition is turning out to be a top seller. It is an average-sized laptop that is anything but average, with its seamless touchscreen capabilities, performance, design, etc.

If you’ve never used a touchscreen PC before, you will find that it is easy to use. HP has done a good job at making this notebook as user-friendly as possible. The 15.6-inch full HD display is great not just because of its touch-capabilities, but its anti-glare technology and high screen resolution as well. It offers full high-definition support with its 1920 x 1080 resolution.

A lot of the features and technology can be configured in a variety of ways in order to provide you with the speed and performance you need. Performance is also enhanced with the new Windows 8.1 operating system. The newest release from Microsoft works really well with HP computers.

Since it’s an entertainment notebook, it comes with options to customize some of the components. For the processor, the choices include three Intel Core i7 models, all of which are 4th generation. Even if you go with the most basic choice, you’ll still be getting a powerful processor.

Hard Drive and Graphics of HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition

For the graphics, you can go with the Intel HD option (4600-series) or add a NVIDIA GeForce card with dedicated video memory. If you want to play a lot of games and run 3D content, this would be the better option.

The Quad Edition has 2 DIMM slots for memory. It comes with 1 DIMM (8 GB), and you have the option to add more. You can expand all the way up to 16 GB of system memory if you need it.

Whenever you are doing anything that involves sound, whether it’s watching videos or playing games, you can expect a high-definition audio experience. The subwoofer and speakers, combined with Beats Audio software, are part of the reason why this ENVY laptop is superior to many other laptops out on the market these days.

There is plenty of room for all of your music files, documents, data, and programs on the 1 TB hard drive. A standard hard drive and hybrid are both available. You can also add a DVD drive to the order if you want one.

All in all, the HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition is a great notebook to have, with all of the technology and applications it comes with. It’s also more affordable than high-end gaming laptops. Whether you decide to customize it and add upgrades or simply buy it the way it is, you can expect some good performance and features.

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HP Pavilion 15t-n100 Guide – A Look at This Nicely Build Notebook, Its Touch-Screen Technology and Other Pros

As far as touch-screen notebooks and tablets go, HP is a brand that offers some of the best deals. The Pavilion laptops have always been top-sellers, so it’s not surprising that the new touch-screen models are turning out to be popular. The HP Pavilion 15t-n100 in particular is one that you might want to go with. It offers a lot of storage, helpful applications, good performance, etc.

It’s a nice looking notebook that’s available in three different colors: pearl white, sparkling black, and mineral black. The 15.6-inch display not only has touch-screen capabilities, it’s also nicely constructed. The LED back-lighting makes it easy to see in rooms or areas with low lighting. The HD BrightView technology makes colors and images appear vibrant. Text is displayed clearly for easy-readability.

The multi-touch gestures that are supported include pinching, tapping, swirling, etc. The screen is very intuitive and easy to navigate through.

The notebook is less than 1-inch thick, making it easy to carry around for mobile use. The cover of the chassis is made out of a glassy type of plastic. While it doesn’t sound like much, it’s still highly-durable. Like other HP notebooks, the 15t-n100 has a sturdy construction. You can expect it to last for a long time.

Brushed metal encases the full-size keyboard. Like the rest of the notebook, the keyboard is built nicely. It comes with a numeric pad and well-spaced keys. You won’t have to worry about overheating or loud operation thanks to the conveniently-placed vents. There is one located on the left side, and one located on the bottom of the notebook.

The processor is one of the most important parts of any PC. A good, powerful processor will deliver the performance you need for doing your favorite tasks. If you just plan on using this Pavilion for day-to-day tasks, you can handle the 3rd Generation processor that it comes with. If you want to run more demanding applications, however, then you might want to go with a 4th generation i5 processor.

RAM and Hard Drives of the HP Pavilion 15t-n100

Add up to 8 GB of memory and 1 TB of storage space. The memory it comes with is 4 GB (1 DIMM), and this can be upgraded to 6 GB or 8 GB. If you don’t think you’ll need 1 TB of hard drive space, you can stick with the 750 GB HD that the notebook comes with.

It comes with good connectivity and networking technology as well. You can access other devices and PCs in your home on this laptop, and vice versa. In short, you won’t lack for anything with the HP Pavilion 15t-n100. It’s an affordable and powerful device that offers everything you need, and you can add even more to it if you want.

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HP 2000z-2d00 Review – A Budget Laptop That Offers a Lot of Value With Its Construction and Specs

HP is one of the most well-known names in the computer industry. Good, advanced PCs have been coming from this brand for a long time. The HP 2000z-2d00 is a good example of the quality and innovation that consumers can expect. While it’s not the most sophisticated PC ever made, it still offers a lot of value. It’s a budget laptop that has a lot to offer considering its low price.

The 2d00 is available in two color choices: black and blue. It’s an average-sized laptop that weighs 5.39 lbs. and sports a 15.6-inch HD display. It can fit into laptop bags and carried around without any problems.

HP has done a good job with the overall design. The black model looks simple, yet classy. The blue model, while unique, isn’t too bold or over the top. It offers just enough subtlety to give the laptop a nice look. The construction consists of durable materials that hold everything together. It’s a sturdily built laptop that won’t fall apart like many other budget laptops do.

The construction of the HP 2000z-2d00 includes built-in components such as the webcam. With the webcam, users can take still photographs, record video and audio, do video chatting with friends or colleagues, etc. The CyberLink YouCam application comes installed with the notebook. It can be used to edit and share photos and videos. When activated, the built-in microphone records audio.

Users can interact with the computer with the trackpad, which can be turned on or off. Those who prefer using a computer mouse can turn the trackpad off. The keyboard is made with well-built keys that provide a good, comfortable typing experience. There are shortcut keys for a variety of functions that can be activated or deactivated.

HP 2000z-2d00 RAM and Processor

HP has equipped this notebook with an AMD processor (quad-core) combined with integrated graphics. It’s the right amount of speed and power for everyday computing tasks, such as internet surfing and chatting with friends. The amount of memory it comes with is 4 GB (1-DIMM). There is an option to go up to 6 GB (2-DIMM) for users who require more memory.

There is an optical SuperMulti DVD drive and hard disk drive that comes with this notebook. The storage options for the hard drive are 500 GB and 750 GB. This is a lot of storage space for a budget laptop. The 500 GB drive is more than enough for most users.

The starting price for the HP 2000z-2d00 is low compared to other laptops its size. Online shoppers can customize it with the hardware and pre-installed software they need. Even though the notebook is available at a low price, it’s not cheap. It’s proof that HP really does know how to make good laptops available at prices the average consumer can afford.

HP is almost always offering some e-coupons and promotional codes to internet shoppers. If you want a notebook that offers a lot of value, you can check out some HP 2000z-2d00 discount offers. Look over the offers carefully so that you’ll know exactly what they’re for and how to use them.

HP Split 13t-m100 Review – An Introduction to HP’s New Tablet/Laptop Hybrid and the Features Users Can Expect

Whether you want a notebook PC for work, entertainment, research, or any other reason, you can get things done with the HP Split 13t-m100. It’s a notebook that offers good performance and portability. Since it can be used as a tablet and regular laptop both, it offers a lot of flexibility. You can switch back and forth between the two forms quickly and seamlessly.

HP offers some good choices for the processor and hard drive. You can’t ask for anything better than 4th generation processors (Intel Core), and with this notebook, you can choose from tw an i3 and i5. If you want to use the Split for entertainment, you might want to upgrade to the i5 processor, as it can handle multimedia applications better than the i3.

As for the storage, you will find options for a hard disk drive and solid state drive. The hard drive can hold up to 500 GB, and the SSD can hold either 64 GB or 128 GB. You can have a combo drive if you want an SSD and HDD both.

When in tablet mode, the display supports touchscreen technology. The 13.3-inch display is bigger and better than what most other tablets offer. The screen is protected by a special coating to prevent smudges and scratches. When in laptop mode, you will find that the keyboard is constructed for fast and smooth typing. The trackpad is built nicely and easy to use as well.

When enjoying your favorite music or movies, you can expect to hear high-quality audio. Keep in mind that, until recently, laptops lacked good audio technology. High-definition surround sound was something that only medium to high-end desktops had. This is all changing now, as brands such as HP are introducing notebooks with advanced audio technology. The HP Split 13t-m100 comes with dual speakers and Beats Audio.

USB Slots in the HP Split 13t-m100

There is a multi-format card reader for digital expansion. There are slots for 2.0 and 3.0 USB devices, headphone ad microphone set, and HDMI. When it’s in laptop mode, you can connect it to a large display and use it the same way you would use a desktop.

Memory is one of the first things people inquire about when buying computers. If a computer doesn’t have enough memory to run the programs you want to use, you will end up with a slow, sluggish system. This notebook comes with 4 GB of memory already installed. There is an option to go up to 8 GB if you want more.

Overall, the HP Split 13t-m100 is a promising device, with its portability, flexibility, and speed. You can even customize some of the features yourself to ensure that it is able to meet any requirements you might have.

The best thing about the Split is that it is affordable. There are a number of HP Split 13t-m100 promo codes that you can look over. If you want this notebook/tablet hybrid, you should be able to find a deal that is right for you. Thanks to HP discounts, your best bet is to order online.

HP ENVY TouchSmart 15t-j100 Quad Edition Overview: Great Notebook With the Most Advanced Processor, Expandable Memory, & More

These days, a standard laptop just won’t do for most people. The average consumer wants something a bit more, and Hewlett Packard is one of the few companies that can give it to them. For years, it has been a leader in the consumer IT market, and continues as such today with the Windows 8 optimized notebooks. If there’s one product in particular that stands out, it’s the HP ENVY TouchSmart 15t-j100 Quad Edition, with its nice design, newest-generation processor, and long battery life.

Its new design makes it thinner and lighter than its predecessors. The multi-touch technology makes it easy for users to navigate through the Windows 8 interface. The full high-definition flush display is optional and ideal for those who want a touchscreen.

In addition to a 15.6-inch display, the Quad Edition also comes with a trackpad, keyboard, and numeric keyboard. Everything is conveniently placed to give any user a comfortable typing and surfing experience.

Some of the hardware includes a built-in webcam and microphone. The True Vision technology enables the webcam to capture high quality photos and videos. It can be used for anything from video chatting with friends or conferencing with associates. The microphone and audio technology produce clear sound.

Listening to music on this new ENVY is a wonderful experience thanks to its dual subwoofer, multiple speakers, and Beats Audio software. Up until recently, studio quality audio was something only found on desktops. HP is proving that high quality sound is something that can be offered by notebooks as well.

Also impressive is the processor that is supported by the new 15t. It’s compatible with 4th generation processors with the new Haswell micro-architecture developed by Intel. While the Ivy Bridge architecture is still fast and powerful, its successor is even more so.

RAM Choices for HP ENVY TouchSmart 15t-j100 Quad Edition

The system memory options range from 1 DIMM 8 GB to 2 DIMM 16 GB. Since this is an expandable laptop, there is room for users to add more memory later on down the road. Up to 1 TB of data and applications can be saved on the 5400 RPM hard drive. An external tray DVD drive can be added on also.

There are a good number of ports and connections available, including HDMI and 4 USB. The 3.0 version of USB connectivity allows for superfast syncing and transferring between devices. It supports older devices as well thanks to backwards compatibility.

Clearly, there are many reasons why the HP ENVY TouchSmart 15t-j100 Quad Edition is a good notebook. It can be used for anything from office work to music. Its configuration and upgrade options appeal to a wide variety of users; it really does offer more than any ole’ laptop.

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HP Pavilion 17z-e100 Guide – What Does This Laptop Offer to Users? What Customization Options do You Have?

Are you shopping for a budget laptop that can be customized and personalized? One option that you can’t go wrong with is the HP Pavilion 17z-e100. It’s available in your choice of red, blue, purple, or black. With its 17.3-inch display and AMD quad-core processor, it can be used in the home or office as a replacement for a desktop PC.

This HP laptop also comes with mobile technology. While it’s not as thin or as light as ultrabooks or standard notebooks, it still offers portability. The wireless technology comes in the form of 802.11 b/g/n and (optional) Bluetooth.

When it comes to laptops, Hewlett Packard brand is known for its vigorous testing and engineering. This results in dependable machines that can last for a long time. The 17z-e100 is proof of how durable and reliable a laptop can be. Every one of its features, including its keyboard and chassis, is constructed out of quality materials.

The notebook comes with multiple ports that make it easy to connect other devices. Smartphones, printers, digital cameras, and displays are just a few examples of the devices you can hook up to the notebook. The syncing and file sharing technology is fast and reliable. It offers good performance on its own as part of a network.

HP Pavilion 17z-e100 Hard Drive Choices

Store thousands of files, photos, music, documents, etc. on the hard drive. It can hold up to 1 TB of items, depending on how you configure it. Less pricey choices include a 640 GB and a 750 GB hard drive. The DVD drive allows you to create your own media and make backup copies of important files and applications. You can also simply enjoy watching DVD movies if you wish.

Another good pro the Pavilion 17z offers is 6 GB of memory. This is a decent amount for a laptop. It offers enough speed and power to run most of the applications users can expect. This laptop also allows for having more than one program running at one time and multi-tasking.

It should come to no surprise that the notebook comes with some exclusive HP technology. From DTS Sound+ to HP Connected, it comes packed with great entertainment. With Connected, you will have access to many tools to help you upload photos from a digital camera, create albums and slide shows, share pictures with friends, make edits and touchups, and so forth.

In short, there are many reasons why you might want to own the HP Pavilion 17z-e100: it comes with good processor options, plenty of memory, all the connectivity and networking technology you could ever need, and so forth. With many of these features, you can customize yourself. You won’t have to worry about price, either, as this is an affordable system.

There is more you can learn about this HP laptop, including how to get the best deals. HP Pavilion 17z-e100 discounts can really help you get a good laptop at a low price. Be sure to check out all of the HP promo codes – you’ll surely find something that can help you with your online order.