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Best Gaming Desktop Brands Summary: What to Know About Gaming PCs & Tips for Buying the Right One

There are several gaming computer brands out there – some well-known (and maybe a bit overrated) and some that don’t get the attention they deserve. The “best gaming desktop brands” are somewhat objective since every gamer has personal preferences and requirements.

For a casual gamer, whatever is affordable, has decent specs, and enough durability to last for a few years is acceptable. For the more hardcore gamers, the gaming desktop must come with all the top specs that rival or even surpass the performance and speed of the newest generation of consoles. Some gamers are so picky that they build their PCs.

The gaming desktops available online for consumers to order tend to be the “pre-built” variety. Usually, there is a list of all of the possible hardware you can choose from on the sales page for each model, and you can go through and select the best hardware for your needs. In addition, the towers from the best gaming desktop brands are usually flashier and brighter than the typical PC. They have RGB lighting zones you can customize and personalize.

The top-selling gaming series are usually divisions or subsidiaries of famous brands, like Alienware (Dell), ROG (Asus), Predator (Acer), and Predator and Omen, both with HP. However, a couple of lesser-known names renowned by hardcore gamers are CyberPowerPC, Corsair One Pro, and MSI (Micro-Star International), which was established in the mid-80s in Taiwan.

If you’re new to gaming, all you have to do is look at the system requirements for running each game that you are interested in installing and playing. This information is always listed on each game’s website. Then, if you want to play the games on medium to high settings, choose specs that are better than the minimum requirements.

Best Gaming Desktop Brands of Small Companies

Omen started small when it was first established in Calgary, initially part of VoodooPC, and was taken over by HP in 2006. Today, the HP Omen line is among the best gaming desktop brands –AND the most affordable. As a result, it’s straightforward to find deals by casual gamers.

Another thing to consider is upgradability. Gaming tower components are constantly evolving, and game graphics are always getting better and demand even more powerful hardware. Just read reviews to make sure that any desktop you are interested in is easy to open up and has enough room inside for upgrades.

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