Dell Desktop Deals: Guide to All of the Series and What They Offer to Desktop Users

Dell computers come in all sizes, configurations, and price ranges. The company has been around for decades and is still one of the leading names in the IT industry. If you’re after a new desktop, it’s important that you have an idea of what kind of configuration you need to meet your needs. There are always some Dell desktop deals available online, so it’s very easy to save once you have an idea of which PC you want.

Whether you want an all-in-one, gaming powerhouse, business desktop, or budget PC, it’s all available with Dell. You can choose between a pre-configured desktop (of which there are many) or customize your own with the components you need.

The Inspiron line features desktops that are ideal for the home and office. You can opt for a standard tower or an all-in-one. The all-in-one Inspiron computers come with 22-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch displays. If you want a gaming computer, the Inspiron gaming desktops range from entry-level to VR-Ready powerhouses.

XPS desktop PCs are designed to be the best. They are exceptionally built out of unique materials. Dell often advertises the XPS computers as “high-end”. They’re not the lowest priced desktop computers, but they do offer a lot of value for your money, and are definitely worth investing in – especially if you want a computer that will last for a long time.

Dell Desktop Deals for Alienware Computers

Many consumers are looking for Dell desktop deals on the Alienware series. Out of all of the bright, attractive gaming PCs on the market, none are as recognizable as the Dell Alienware computers. The towers have always been designed in unique shapes, and feature eye-catching bright LED lights. You can often find special promotional offers and coupons to help you save either on a specific Alienware model or accessories. Sometimes there are even “Mystery Deals” on these Dell products.

The OptiPlex line has been around for 25+ years. These desktops have always been created to adapt to how you work. Some of the newer features of these business computers include space-saving form factor designs, 8th Gen. Intel processors, and optional 4K Ultra HD displays (all-in-ones).

If you’re looking for a desktop that is truly designed for small business and productivity, with dependability and enhanced security, consider the Vostro line. These machines undergo industry-leading testing and come equipped with all of the security features small businesses need.

There are Dell desktop deals for everyone, including military personnel, educators, businesses, and the average consumer who simply wants a new home PC.

When looking over Dell desktop deals, you’ll come across everything from gaming PC coupons to all-in-one discount codes. Just search the online store for the type of desktop you want and customise it with the hardware, software, and accessories you need.

Dell PowerEdge T30

Dell PowerEdge T30 Review – A Compact Server Tower That Offers Speed, Efficiency, Flexibility, and Performance

This is a very fast computer – especially if you customize it with at least 16GB of RAM. The Xeon CPU processor is great, and the system offers stability. Whether you need it for your home office or place of business, you’ll find that the Dell PowerEdge T30 can be a versatile machine and server. A lot of performance goes into the mini-tower chassis. In addition to the RAM, you can customize the storage and other hardware.

A lot of experts recommend the T30 as an affordable, entry-level server with its Xeon processor and ability to run different operating systems. Expect fast performance regardless of whether you install Windows 10 Pro, Ubuntu, or any other OS. It’s secure and manageable. You don’t even need an IT staff to help you keep everything up and running This PowerEdge machine makes it easy to save and secure your data and important files with software RAID and optional backup restoration solutions.

There is enough room for tons of memory thanks to the four DDR4 DIMMS. With all that memory, your application response times will be enhanced considerably. There are also multiple internal hard drive bays to support a lot of storage. You won’t ever have to worry about running out of room to save your data and important files and programs.

The compact design allows for the Dell PowerEdge T30 to be installed in any room. The low acoustics means that it will operate quietly and you won’t have to worry about noisy performance. Attach additional devices with the ten external USB ports, six of which are USB 3.0. There are four PCI / PCe slots as well. Connect the server tower up to a display with the HDMI port.

Display and Peripherals of the Dell PowerEdge T30

The Intel Xeon E3 display has an 8M cache and four-cores. With Turbo, it can reach up to 3.3-Ghz or 80W. Get at least 8GB of UDIMM memory, even though there is room for plenty of more. In addition to the four hard drives, there is an internal DVD +/- SATA drive. A 125V (US) power cord comes included with the starting price.

Consolidate all of your company’s images, videos, data, and other files stored on multiple locations in a central location via this server. Think of how much space you can save on other devices.

It’s really worth investing in some of the many services, plans, and subscriptions that are available with the Dell PowerEdge T30, such as ProEmploy, ProSupport Enterprise Suite, ProSupport for Microsoft Applications, or Remote Consulting Services.

There are a lot of positive Dell PowerEdge T30 reviews from small business owners who find this to be an excellent entry-level server. No matter what kind of business you need it for, you can shop online and use Dell promo codes to save money.

Dell OptiPlex 7760

Dell OptiPlex 7760 Guide – Everything Users Need to Know about This Excellent, New 27-inch All-in-One Computer

Those looking for an affordable desktop computer for either entertainment or office use might want to consider an all-in-one such as the new Dell OptiPlex 7760. The 27-inch display is very sleek and comes as a multi-point touchscreen (optional), which allows users to interact with the work via touch. Even though it’s listed under the “work” category, this machine can still be used in the home as a personal computer as well.

There are two stands available: a height adjustable stand and articulating stand. The latter is a good choice for those who want the ability to tilt the display backward, forward, or at a 60-degree angle. It works best with touchscreen displays. The height adjustable stand is best for mouse and keyboard users. The 4K ultra HD display is definitely worth considering. An optional targus stylus with a durable rubber tip can be used to deliver enhanced accuracy without causing any scratches.

The internal audio system is overhauled with this new OptiPlex all-in-one machine. There are a total of six separate speakers, two of which are tweeters and four woofers, in addition to a pair of passive radiators. There is a quad-array of microphones that can be heard from 12 feet away. Waves MaxxAudio Pro delivers enhanced audio and noise reduction through the speakers.

Here are some of the customization options that come with the Dell OptiPlex 7760:

• Processor: Intel Core i5 8500
• Memory: 8GB DDR4 non-ECC / 2666-MHz
• OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
• Storage: 2.5-inch SATA 500GB 7200-RPM HDD
• Graphics: integrated Intel graphics card
• Wireless technology: Intel Wireless-AC 9560 / dual band 2×2 Wi-Fi w/ MU MIMO and Bluetooth

There is an option for dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GtX 4GB (1050) graphics. There are two M.2 connectors, one for a solid state drive and one for a Wi-Fi card.

Measurements of the Dell OptiPlex 7760

Inside the box is the computer itself (the 27-inch display is a bit heavy), the power cable, wireless keyboard and batteries, and wireless mouse and USB driver. A stand and stylus can be ordered separately.

The starting weight and dimensions are the same, regardless of whether a touch display or 4K ultra HD non-touch display is selected. The 7760 weighs 18.54-lbs. Its dimensions in inches are 15.31 x 24.17 x 2.28 (HxWxD).

There are many all-in-one computers on the market these days, some of which are best for entertainment and some for office use. The Dell OptiPlex 7760 is versatile enough to satisfy most types of users. It’s also an affordable alternative to a workstation.

You can really get this all-in-one at an affordable price – even with the touchscreen option – by using Dell OptiPlex 7760 coupon codes. Dell discounts are common and can sometimes save you a lot of money on not only the computers themselves, but for accessories and software as well.

Dell PowerEdge T330

Dell PowerEdge T330 Info – An Economical Tower That Offers Extensive Storage Solutions, Memory, and Scalability

This one-socket tower server is powerful and expandable. As your business grows, you can expand the Dell PowerEdge T330 along with it. There is no shortage of ways to expand the tower with its 16 (2.5-inch) hot-swap drive bays and up to 96GB RAM capacity. There are a number of things it can be fitted with, including a GPU accelerator, remote management options, an embedded hypervisor, and more.

Operational efficiency can be maximized with redundant power supplies and hot-plug hard drives. Dell OpenManagement systems management solutions are recommended as they can be deployed quickly and smoothly. Monitor system behavior and health with an intuitive, user-friendly OpenManage console.

The cheapest configuration of this chassis consists of four 3.5-inch hot plug hard drives and embedded SATA. It’s recommended that you opt for at least eight 3.5-inch drives, which doesn’t cost much more at all. The base option for the processor is an Intel Celeron G3900 CPU with 2M cache and two-cores (51-W). It is not available with turbo technology. The Intel Xeon E3 (v5 or v6) is a much better option for a processor since you will get a lot more power, speed and performance.

As mentioned above, you can get tons of memory with the Dell PowerEdge T330, in increments of 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB. With enhanced DDR4 memory, you can expect a 50% faster clock speed than that of the previous generation. In addition to several HDD and SSD storage solutions, there is an internal DVD +/- drive. The PERC9 RAID controller provides superior IOPS performance.

Connectivity of the Dell PowerEdge T330

There is no need to worry about how you are going to connect with peripherals. With eight external USB ports, there is a place for everything: a printer, smartphone, mouse, keyboard, external speakers, monitor, and more. It’s easy to access the internal components of the chassis so that you can swap or add some new hardware whenever the need to do so arises.

The Dell PowerEdge T330 is a cool, quiet machine that uses lower levels of heat generation and power consumption. Even when doing demanding tasks, you can trust it to stay at a comfortable watt level.

Save IT administration time by automating all of the essential firmware updates, simply by using Repository Manager auto-updating.

The great thing about Dell servers is that they are more than just the hardware – they include access to the best IT solutions, technologies, and management plans. You can easily develop data center solutions with the Dell PowerEdge T330 to help you advance the goals of your small business or organization.

A powerful server like this doesn’t have to be a big investment. Dell promo codes make it easy for small businesses to afford the best hardware and solutions. To get a good deal, just use Dell PowerEdge T330 discounts.

Dell OptiPlex 5260

Dell OptiPlex 5260 Guide – Why Is This 21.5-inch AiO Worth Considering? Here’s a Look at What It Offers

Advanced manageability and versatility are two of the many benefits of owning an all-in-one like the Dell OptiPlex 5260. There are multiple stand options available that allow the height to be adjusted. Access the essential system components and ports simply by removing the rear panel. This AiO is designed for easy maintenance and upgradability.

While it can be used for just about anything, the 5260 is very useful in an office environment. It’s designed for teamwork, with Microsoft Skype for Business, integrated speakers, dual array microphone, and other collaboration features. The full HD webcam pops up only when in use and goes back down out of view when you don’t need it.

The 21.5-inch narrow bezel display is available as both a non-touch and touch version. The non-touch model also comes with anti-glare technology. The resolution is 1920×1080 on either version. The touchscreen display is definitely worth considering as it offers a ten-point design that enables pinching, swiping, dragging, and so forth.

There are multiple ways to plug-in. The numerous port options offer a centralized and simple way to connect your other devices and sync data. Wireless LAN 802.11 ac 2×2 enables you to work without any cables. There is also Bluetooth 5 technology. With the USB PowerShare, your peripherals will be able to charge even when the Dell OptiPlex 5260 is turned off. Tons of ports and connectors are located on the side and back of the computer, including two M.2 connectors, one for an SSD and one for a Wi-Fi card.

Extra Additions in the Dell OptiPlex 5260

Keep in mind that a DVD +/- RW drive doesn’t come built inside of the display in order to save space. If you need one, there is an optional stand that comes with one. As for storage, choose between a 1TB and 500GB hard disk drive (2.5-inch 7200-RPM). The standard media card reader SD 4.0 transfers information and files from a variety of memory cards. The video card is integrated Intel graphics.

How much RAM do you need? Choose the amount that will be sufficient for your needs. The computer has support for 2666-MHz DDR4 (non-ECC), either 4GB or 8GB. Power the machine up with either an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, both of which support Windows 10 or Linux OS. The i5 six-core processor will get you up to 4.1GHz with Turbo Boost and the i7 six-core processor will get you up to 4.6GHz.

With next generation technology and a variety of hardware options, it’s definitely worth considering investing in the Dell OptiPlex 5260 AiO.

Before ordering an all-in-one PC such as this, you should first look over Dell coupon offers. There are usually many great deals available on computers as well as accessories and other electronics. Just check and see which Dell OptiPlex 5260 AiO promo codes you can use with your order.

Dell OptiPlex 5060

Dell OptiPlex 5060 Guide to the Micro and Small Form Factor Towers and What They Offer

This new OptiPlex Series includes a micro tower and small form factor. Whichever version you get, you will end up with a good, space-efficient machine that comes with versatile mounting options, Intel Core i3 or i5 processor options, and security features such as TPM technology. Another great thing about the Dell OptiPlex 5060 is that it’s affordable and easy to configure.

Consider it as a compact computer without compromise. You can get full-power features inside the small form or micro tower. The micro in particular takes up less service area, yet still manages to offer all of the reliability and manageability users have come to expect with Dell.

What about the display? There are two DisplayPorts and an optional third port, allowing you to connect the system up to three monitors at once. The optional third port could be another DisplayPort, VGA, USB Type-C, or HDMI 2.0.

The cheapest configuration option of the 5060 micro features a 7th Generation Intel Core i3 processor. Have it upgraded to an i5 processor if you need the extra performance. With the small form factor, it’s possible to get Intel Core i7 six-core processor with 12MB / 12T / and up to 4.6-GHz capabilities. This version comes with 65-W power.

Dell OptiPlex 5060 Memory and Hard Drive

There is 4GB – 8GB of memory, depending on which version of the Dell OptiPlex 5060 you choose. This is a decent amount of RAM for a compact, budget desktop. Use the small form factor as an all-in-one stand for a versatile setup. Have it equipped with all of the hardware you need and connect it with a large, touchscreen display. Set the tower up discretely under the desk.

While you can use the 5060 for just about any computing task you want, it’s ideal for government or financial offices. Select the optional cable cover to reduce clutter and prevent access to all of the cables and ports in the back. This cover seamlessly matches the sleek design so that the setup looks unified.

Most configurations include a 500GB 7200-RPM SATA hard drive, although there are options to go with a Solid State Drive if you want something faster than an HDD. Add a 128GB SATA M.2 Class 20 SSD to your order when going through the customization process. You can also get an 8x DVD +/- RW optical disk drive and integrated graphics.

Look over all of the Dell OptiPlex 5060 micro and tower configurations and options and decide which setup would be right for your office or organization. You can compare prices as well at the Dell store.

Speaking of which, it’s always a good idea to use Dell discounts when shopping at the online store. Get an amazing deal on this compact tower. Have it equipped with the best specs and accessories by using helpful Dell OptiPlex 5060 coupon codes.

Dell Latitude 5480

Dell Latitude 5480 Overview – What You Should Know About This Laptop and Its Performance

This laptop is built for both mainstream and business users, and comes with everything a user could need for security, manageability, and performance. The Dell Latitude 5480 is actually pretty affordable considering it can be customized with great features such as 8GB of memory, M.2 SSD drive, and a touch FHD display. While a non-touch version comes standard with the base configuration, it can be customized with a touchscreen (1920 x 1080).

The battery life lasts all day. With continuous internet browsing over wi-fi, it can last for over 11 hours. It’s recommended that users select the four-cell 68-watt battery when customizing their laptop. The AC adapter included in the price is an E5 65-W adapter (7.4-mm). For a few dollars more, an E5 9-W adapter can be ordered instead.

There is an island-style keyboard that offers a good, comfortable typing experience. There are 1.9-millimeters of travel between the keys. The pointing stick is easy to use and provides accurate navigation. As for the trackpad, it is 4 x 2-inches and does a good job at registering gestures such as three-finger app switching and two-finger scrolling. There are two buttons that offer solid responses to clicking.

Here is an overview of the specs users can expect with the Dell Latitude 5480:

• Intel Core i5 processor / 2.5-Ghz to 3.5-Ghz / quad-core / 6MB cache
• 4GB to 8GB DDR4 Memory / 2400 / Non-Ecc
• 2.5-inch 500GB 7200-RPM HDD (base price)
• Intel HD graphics
• Non-touch HD or FHD display (1366 x 768 / 1920 x 1080 respectively)
• Windows 10 PRO 64 OS / English, Spanish, and French

Once again, a touch display and SSD drives are also available. All display options include an HD camera.

Business Features of the Dell Latitude 5480

Business users will be glad to know that there are plenty of security features to rely on, including Windows Hello, an optional infrared camera, fingerprint reader, Control Vault 2 features, and more. The actual design of the laptop is very durable, as it is tested against 15 MIL-STD 810G benchmarks to ensure ruggedness and its ability to withstand just about anything.

Ports and slots with the Dell Latitude 5480 include USB 3.0 w/ PowerShare, HDMI, DisplayPort Over Type-C (optional Thunderbolt 3), USB 3.0, HDMI, SD slot, Noble Wedge lock slot, and more.

This is a light, portable machine, with a starting weight of just 3.52-lbs. Dimensions in inches are 0.88 x 13.1 x 9.0 (front height x width x depth).

There are a wide array of accessories and additional features that can be ordered with the Dell Latitude 5480 at additional cost, including WD15 Dock, multimedia keyboard, and external 27-inch display.

There are plenty of positive Dell Latitude 5480 reviews from other users, so you know you can’t go wrong with this laptop. Just order it online and you can pick and choose which features you want. Use Dell discount codes to help you save.

Dell G7 15 Gaming

Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop Review – All the Details About This New Entertainment PC Revealed

What do you need in order to ensure that you are getting a nice gaming laptop? What about an 8th Gen. Intel Core processor? Or 8GB or more DDR4 RAM? These are just a couple of things you’ll get with the Dell G7 15 Gaming PC. It is available in different colors (black or “alpine white”) and has nice accents such as Blue Print around the backlit keyboard.

The 15.6-inch FHD display is surrounded by thick bezel. There is a blue Dell logo over the top of the display, which matches the blue outlining the keyboard. The deck looks and feels very premium as it is constructed of metal. The sides of the notebook feature all of the ports you would expect of a gaming machine, like USB e.1 Type-A, a Noble lock slot, Ethernet port, HDMI, Thunderbolt 3, etc.

Despite its thinness, the G7 15 laptop features large vents and dual-fan cooling technology to ensure that no matter what you do, the machine will stay cool and quiet. There is no overheating, even when the system is running demanding games.

The audio is good and loud. You can make changes to the bass and other details with the preinstalled Waves MaxxAudio Pro. There are two nicely-tuned front-fire speakers to deliver the highest quality sound.

Dell G7 15 WiFi Capabilities

You can have the Dell G7 15 Gaming PC equipped with long-range 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, or “Killer Wireless” technology for low latency gaming. Killer Gigabit Ethernet already comes standard, but you can double the efficiency by opting for Killer Wireless as well. This 2×2 WLAN supports high throughput and keeps your game running smoothly and quickly. There is never any need to worry about lagging.

Even if you choose the cheapest configuration possible, you’ll still get plenty of great specs, like an 8th gen. quad-core i5 8300H processor (up to 4 GHz with Turbo Boost), 8GB of memory, and a 1TB hybrid hard drive (5400-RPM) with 8GB cache. The cheapest display is an excellent 15.6-inch FHD LED-backlit IPS anti-glare model with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The laptop graphics are powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 dedicated video card. A Six-core processor, 16GB of memory, and Solid State Drive are all available if you need more power and speed. The ideal OS is Windows 10 Home.

The new Dell G7 15 Gaming laptop is great for mainstream gaming. It also looks nice with its design and color choices. You get plenty of customization options and can easily upgrade, which is something that isn’t possible with so many other laptops out there.

Now that you know more about this notebook you can begin customizing it at the Dell store. There are plenty of great options to choose from. Just apply Dell G7 15 Gaming coupons to your order to get it at the lowest price possible.

Dell OptiPlex 7060

Dell OptiPlex 7060 Info – A Guide to This Business Small Form Factor Computer, Its Design, and Specs

Users can unleash their productivity by using this versatile small form factor desktop. With its tool-less design and removable side panel, the Dell OptiPlex 7060 has easily-accessible components. This is an expandable machine, despite its small size. It is constructed out of recycled plastics and other premium, environmentally-friendly materials.

What about the display? The OptiPlex small form factor towers can be connected to three displays at once without the need for additional graphics power. There are tons of ports and slots, including USB 3.1 (Type-C and Type-A), USB 2.0, USB 3.1 Gen. 1, HDMI, two DisplayPort 1.2, RJ-45, an SD media card reader, and more. All connectivity needs are taken care of.

Its compact design allows for it to be setup anywhere, out of the way. It can even be mounted with the optional VESA mount or Micro all-in-one stand. No matter where it is installed, the Dell OptiPlex 7060 will be able to withstand any environment. The chassis has undergone rigorous MIL-STD 810G testing. Although small, it’s highly durable.

If it’s used for business, there are a lot of optional security technologies and manageability features available. The OptiPlex does come with TPM 2.0 and a tower intrusion switch. A security lock and custom cable covers can be ordered to add physical protection. The Data Security technology by Dell offers comprehensive threat protection on all ends. The Client Command Suite streamlines and automates system development and offers services such as monitoring, configuration, and updates. This is free on all Dell business PCs.

Dell OptiPlex 7060 Memory and Processor

All versions of the Dell OptiPlex 7060 (small form factor, micro, and tower) come with an Intel Core i5 six-core processor with 9MB cache and a maximum 3.5-GHz with Turbo Boost. Either 4GB or 8GB of DDR4 Non-ecc 2666-MHz RAM can be ordered. There are options for a 7200-RPM SATA hard disk drive (500GB), an M.2 SATA Class 20 SSD (128GB), or M.2 PCe NVMe Class 40 SSD (256GB) drive.

Users can connect the computer to any home or office network wirelessly thanks to the Intel Wireless AC / Dual-band 2×2 with Mu-MIMO and Bluetooth 5 technology. Depending on the CPU, a 90-W or 130W external PSU is included for the power. This OptiPlex meets all environmental standards and has the essential eco-labels like EPEAT and ENERGY STAR.

Of course, it’s not just for business users. There are plenty of things about the Dell OptiPlex 7060 that will appeal to mainstream users as well. It’s an affordable machine that can be used for everyday tasks from web browsing to entertainment.

There are various configurations available for this OptiPlex model – just look over your choices when ordering at the Dell store. You can also use a Dell OptiPlex 7060 promo code or take advantage of a discount offer to help reduce the cost.

Dell Latitude 5580

Dell Latitude 5580 Review – An Essential Notebook for Any Business or Office

There is no need for large, bulky desktops in today’s business world. Get those out of your company and replace them with a laptop like the Dell Latitude 5580 instead. This line of 15.6-inch business notebooks has everything from face recognition webcams to VGA and Ethernet ports.

The rigorous testing done against multiple MIL-STD 810G benchmarks means that the notebook is very durable and will keep your data safe wherever you go. Your internet connection will be reliable as well, thanks to the newest wireless technologies.

The design is very nice. The 5580 is made of premium materials such as recycled carbon fiber. There is even backlighting on the keyboard from one corner to the other. The keys themselves are firm and provide solid feedback. There are actually five dedicated mouse keys around the touchpad, which provide quiet and accurate feedback. The standard option for the 15.6-inch display is an LCD with HD cam and WLAN support with a 1366×768 resolution. You can choose a non-touch FHD WWAN version with 1920×1080 resolution instead.

A webcam is centered above the display. It does a good job at capturing well-lit detailed photos and videos. You can also use it to sign-in via Windows Hello. The speakers under the front edge produce decent audio and the volume is loud enough to be heard in a conference room.

Dell Latitude 5580 Connectivity and Memory

Expect some good system performance from the Dell Latitude 5580 laptop, as its Intel Core i5 or i7 processor handles all of your tasks. The processor not only supports Windows 10, but Linux as well. Choose which OS you would prefer. Some configurations come with only 4GB of memory and some come with 8GB or more. The 2.5-inch 7200-RPM hard drive comes with 500GB of storage. All of your company’s storage needs will be taken care of.

Ports and connectivity include two USB 3.0 ports (one w/ PowerShare), RJ45, VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort over USB Type-C. The Intel HD graphics perform pretty well considering they are integrated. If you’re willing to invest in a superior configuration, you can opt for a NVIDIA GeForce 940MX card, i7 Thunderbolt processor, and 16GB of memory. There is also an option to have an SSD drive.

Get the all-day productivity you need with the four-cell 68-Whr primary battery. The Express Charge feature charges up to 80% in less than one hour.

If you’re after a high-end, high-performance desktop-replacement laptop for your office, you can’t go wrong with the Dell Latitude 5580. It can be configured to suit just about any business needs.

Now you can get a nice notebook at an affordable price by using Dell promotional codes. There are plenty of offers available online for not only notebooks, but for accessories as well. With so many positive Dell Latitude 5580 reviews by other users, this is guaranteed to be a great machine.