Dell OptiPlex 7050

Dell OptiPlex 7050 Guide – Learn About the Design, Memory Options, Storage Solutions, & Collaboration Technologies

Now available in micro-form, the Dell OptiPlex 7050 delivers the same amount of performance of a full-size desktop and comes with multiple mounting options. If you choose the smaller model, you’ll find that it is a highly-configurable business PC and more future-proof that the typical business all-in-one. The traditional large desktop tower is no longer the corporate hallmark. In today’s world, maximizing workspace is a must.

The micro version comes with an optional detachable stand which holds it behind the monitor in an all-in-one setup. It works well with any monitor up to 27-inches. The case construction of the tower is steel, although the air grate area and front cover are plastic. On the SFF version, there is a cable-management cover that adds 4-inches to the length. The types of ports included depend on how you choose to configure the 7050. A flash-memory card reader may or may not come with the unit, so if you need one, make sure the option is selected when customizing your order.

The removable side panel and tool-less design mean that you have easy access to the system components, such as RAM and drives. Upgrade and expand for years to come. Some configurations of the Dell OptiPlex 7050 comes with Intel Unite technology that allows you to create a secure, manageable meeting space. The software can be used to connect, display, and share information via a split-screen view. You’ll also be able to mark up shared content and move files with ease. This technology is available on select configurations.

As for the processor, the cheapest configuration includes an Intel Core (dual-core) i3 7100T model that can go up to 3.4-GHz. Start out with 4GB of DDR4 memory (2400MHz), or go up to 8GB (either 1 x 8GB or 2 x 4GB) or even 16GB (2 x 8GB). Thanks to the tool-less design, there will always be the option to switch out the memory module or add some more memory in the future.

Storage Choices for the Dell OptiPlex 7050

If you don’t want to have to use a wireless-USB adapter, be sure to select the Intel dual band Wireless AC 802.11 2×2 and Bluetooth combo when placing your order.

For storage, a 500GB Serial ATA 2.5 inch hard drive (7200-RPM) comes included with the lowest price option. As with the memory, more storage can be added. Upgrade to a 2TB SATA or select an M.2 Class 20 128GB – 256GB SSD.

There are a variety of slots and ports with the Dell OptiPlex 7050, including various USB ports, Type-C port, and HDMI connectivity. End-to-end protection comes in the form of Dell’s Endpoint Security Suite, which offers threat protection all across the board. It is all centrally managed so that all of your devices and data stay secure.

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Dell Precision Tower 3620

Dell Precision Tower 3620 Review of a Powerful Workstation with Compact Design, Great Performance, and Expandability

Just because a machine is a powerful workstation doesn’t mean it has to be big and bulky. In fact, you can get a lot of power and speed in a small form, thanks to the new mini tower and small form factor designs of the Dell Precision Tower 3620. The standard tower is still available as well if you have enough space for it and want to add multiple hard drives.

The SFF tower is the most compact small form factor design in the industry, and the mini tower still has enough room for expansion as your business requirements grow.

This is a nice looking workstation with its “utilitarian” design. The chassis is matte black and the front portion of the case features a grille. The small form factor version is 11.42-inches high, 3.65-inches wide, and 11.5-inches in depth. Its weight starts at just 11.68-lbs. The measurements of the mini tower are 14.17 x 6.89 x 12.17-inches (H x W x D).

There are a number of hardware certifications that come with the Dell Precision Tower 3620 to ensure its quality and performance. Dell ISV certifications cover a variety of software applications as well, as the company partners with other industry-leading IT companies to solve today’s most complex problems of computing.

Another great feature that is available with this workstation is the Precision Optimizer. Since different applications have different system requirements in order to run smoothly, the Optimizer takes all of the guesswork out of customizing settings. The technology works together with SCCM centralized management for the purpose of automatically tuning the computer to run popular ISV applications at the ideal speed, therefore enhancing productivity.

Dell Precision Tower 3620 Specifications

As far as hardware goes, the Dell Precision Tower 3620 comes with some great specs. The following are all included in the starting price:

• OS: Windows 10 Pro
• Processor: Intel Core i5 7th generation (up to 3.8GHz with Turbo / 6MB) with HD graphics 630
• Primary hard drive: 1TB SATA 3.5-inch 7200 RPM
• Memory: 1 x 8GB / Non-ECC / 2400 MHz / DDR4 UDIMM

There is room for multiple hard drives (up to 5 in the standard, large tower), so you can easily add as much storage as you want. All types of drives, including SSDs, run well in this machine. While no optical drive is included, you can add one to your order if you want a DVD or Blu-Ray drive. However, the optical drive is only an option on the SFF tower and not the mini tower. If integrated graphics are not enough, you can go with an AMD-single, nVIDIA single, or even a DUAL set up for extra graphics power.

No matter which version of the Dell Precision Tower 3620 you choose, this workstation comes with a variety of USB ports, a Display Port, HDMI, line-out connector, and more.

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Dell OptiPlex 7450

Dell OptiPlex 7450 Information: What Can Professional Users Expect with This Powerful AiO Computer, its Display, and Configurations?

When most people think if all-in-one computers, they think of home entertainment centers. However, there are now AiOs designed for business use as well, such as the 23.8-inch, sleek Dell OptiPlex 7450. Its connectivity and compact design make it ideal for multi-display setups in small spaces.

The 23.8-inch (optional) 4K resolution UHD WLED display is stunning. For increased work collaboration, productivity and creativity, a multi-touch screen is also available. Even if you choose the 1920×1080 resolution version of the display, it will still be FHD and great to look at. There is support for up to two additional displays if this one is not enough. The HDMI and DisplayPorts allow you to view more information at once without having to close or minimize applications.

Collaboration is also enhanced with the superior sound and video technology, making video conferencing and presentations simple and better. This technology includes integrated speakers on the Dell OptiPlex 7450, an HD web camera, dual-array microphone, and a variety of software applications, such as Skype for Business certification.

The stand is flexible and can be used to adjust the screen height from 17 to 20.75 inches. If you want to view the display in a different orientation, the stand pivots. It can also be turned to the right or left at 90-degrees. The sensors do a good job at automatically adjusting the information on the screen to follow in whatever direction or angle you move the screen. If the height-adjustable stand is not enough, you can also opt for an articulating stand, which is ideal for a collaborative setting.

Other Hardware of the Dell OptiPlex 7450

What about the other hardware that the Dell OptiPlex 7450 comes with, located in the back of the display? You start out with an Intel Core i5 processor (65-W / quad-core) up to 3.4GHz, which is available in the most affordable configuration. A configuration that includes an i7 processor up to 3.6GHz is also available. Get 8GB (1 x 8GB) of memory and an M.2 PCIe Class 40 SSD storage drive with capacity of 256GB as well when ordering this AiO. As for the graphics, there is an option to go with a next-generation AMD discrete card.

Even though this business-centric computer isn’t built for gaming, it’s still powerful enough to play some games here and there – especially with the AMD graphics and Intel Core quad-core processor.

In Dell OptiPlex 7450 reviews, some of the things users seem to really like about the all-in-one computer is its attractive display (especially the touch version), sturdy and flexible stand, and solid performance. Whether you want to use it for business, personal enjoyment, or both, this Dell AiO is great to have.

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Dell Latitude 5285

Dell Latitude 5285 Review of a Durable, Versatile 2-in-1 Notebook with Security Features, Powerful Processor, & More

There are quite a few business notebooks out on the market, but not are quite as reliable as the Latitude series by Dell. They are not only great machines for business, but for students and personal users as well. If you want something small, light, yet durable and well-built, the Dell Latitude 5285 might be what you’re looking for, with its 12.3-inch display and detachable 2-in-1 design.

It comes with an auto-deploy kickstand, which is an industry-first feature that enables a smooth work experience. All you have to do is place the 2-in-1 device on a flat surface and the kickstand will automatically extend. Rotate it up to 150-degrees to enjoy multiple viewing angles.

The 5285 features superb build quality, much in part due to its high-quality magnesium alloy casing. There is little to no flex and almost no creaking, no matter what kind of force is applied. The kickstand measures 29.2-cm x 10.4-cm and consists of a brushed metal solid sheet. You won’t ever have to worry about the notebook getting wobbly, as the stand is very resilient and firm.

Don’t let its small stature fool you – the Dell Latitude 5285 comes with some pretty good hardware:

• Processor: Intel Core i7 7600 U / 16GB memory / 4M cache / up to 3.90-GHz
• OS: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
• Display: 12.3-inch / 1920×1080 / 3:2 touchscreen
• Storage: M.2 PCIe NVMe 256GB / Class 40 / Solid State opal SED drive (2.0)
• Battery: 42-WHr Polymer / ExpressCharge Capable

Upgrade Options for Dell Latitude 5285

All of these are included in the price. However, you can upgrade or add additional features if you need to. The display, for instance, can come with a face IR camera for just a few dollars extra. The storage can be upgraded all the way up to 1TB Class 40 SSD. There are a few downgrade options as well to help you save money on hardware you don’t need.

The touch display features large bezels and is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 4. There is an option to add a travel keyboard that connects via magnets and attaches and self-aligns itself virtually when it is in close proximity to the bottom of the 5285.

While you can use this 2-in-1 for personal entertainment, it’s still available with top-notch in-class hardware security, which is absolutely essential for business-oriented tasks. A few examples of security features for the Dell Latitude 5285 include TCG-certified TPM 2.0, self-encryption drive, FIPS 140-2, FIPS 201 certified smart card reader, and more. Always keep your identity protected with the Dell ControlVault technology.

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Dell Precision Tower 3420

Dell Precision Tower 3420 Review – All You Need to Know About This Professional, Reliable Workstation

Recommended for professionals who have big ideas but lack big budgets, the “smart” design of this computer is available in two sizes: small form factor and mini tower. Professional workstations are all about scalable graphics cards, tons of memory, and multi-core processors. No matter which version of the tower you choose to buy, you can count on the Dell Precision Tower 3420 to provide you with the reliability you need with a computer.

The 3000 series can be described as an entry-level, fully-customizable workstation certified to run a wide range of professional applications. It’s surprisingly affordable for the amount of performance it’s capable of providing. The Tower SFF has an innovative design, as it is approximately 6% smaller than its predecessor, and delivers a smaller footprint. Access the interior of the chassis via the removable side panel and add or replace existing hardware.

Opt for an i7 processor and you can get built-in HD 530 graphics. There is also an option for an Intel Xeon v5 or v6 processor for just a little bit more money. In addition to the integrated graphics, an AMD FirePro 2GB video card is also included in the cheapest configuration. NVIDIA Dual and Quadro video cards are also available. Keep in mind that Dell Precision models all come with a variety of discrete and integrated graphics options to suit your computing needs.

How much memory do you need in order to perform your demanding tasks? The cheapest configuration option is 16GB (1 x 16GB) DDR4 UDIMM / 2400-MHz. If you would prefer the 16GB as a 2 x 8GB setup, it’s available at a slightly higher price. 16GB is more than enough for the average user – even those with professional requirements. However, should you need more, expand all the way up to 32GB.

Drive Choices for Dell Precision Tower 3420’s

The Dell Precision Tower 3420 comes with a Dell wired keyboard and mouse, both with sleek black appearances that match the tower. The storage capacity is almost limitless. The bare minimum is a 1TB 2.5 SATA hard drive (7200-RPM), which is still more than what the average desktop and laptop offers. Go up to 4TB and/or add a PCIe SSD M.2 drive. No optical drive is included but there is a slot for one if you need a DVD-ROM, writer, or Blu-Ray player.

All Precision Workstations are thoroughly tested and have Independent Software Vendor certification. Dell’s Precision Optimizer is installed in every Precision model. This software enables you to experience increased productivity and application performance by automatically adjusting settings in accordance with the needs of specific professional applications.

With all of these impressive hardware specs and software applications, you can’t go wrong with the Dell Precision Tower 3420.

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Dell OptiPlex 5050

Dell OptiPlex 5050 Guide – A Look at the Various Sizes and Configurations Available with This Business Computer

If you lack the desk space for a typical desktop computer, Dell is offering small form factor and micro-sized towers. Multiple locking options, easy component access, and remote management capability are just a few benefits of the Dell OptiPlex 5050 series. It’s a mid-range computer series that comes between the OptiPlex 3000 and 7000 series.

While the Micro version might not have as much room for internal expansion as a larger tower, it still comes with some pretty impressive hardware and features. There are few optional extras such as a stand which allow it to blend into any modern workplace. You can install it in several configurations: underneath the desk, on the wall, sitting upright on the desk or table, etc. Some users choose to mount it right behind the display (sold separately) as an all-in-one type of setup.

Since it’s marketed towards the business crowd, the OptiPlex 5050 comes with a lot of IT-friendly software and firmware that make remote security easier. These features include Dell’s tools for managing BIOs, firmware updates, automatic driver, and support for Intel’s Standard Manageability suite. Unlike a lot of personal computers, this machine is mostly free of bloatware.

The chassis requires no tools to open, so changing out hardware is simple and can be done in a matter of seconds. There are gaps at the back and front of the PC, allowing good airflow and keeping all of the components cool.

Configuration Choices of Dell OptiPlex 5050 Desktops

It doesn’t matter which version of the Dell OptiPlex 5050 you choose, as the configurations are very similar. The cheaper option for the processor is an Intel Core i5 7500 model that supports both Linux and Windows 10 – whichever operating system your business works with. For a bit more, you can go with an i7 7700 processor. Choose either 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4 RAM or 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 RAM at 2400MHz. The 3.5-inch hard disk drive included many of the configurations is 500GB (7200RPM). For the small form factor version, you can get a 256GB SATA 2.5-inch SSD Class 20 drive as well as an optical drive if you need to make backup copies of DVDs.

The good thing about the standard tower is that it has enough room for a dedicated video card and supports AMD Radeon R5 430 1GB with DP / VGA connections.

Whether you choose the smaller version or the standard version of the Dell OptiPlex 5050, there are a variety of ports to help you with connectivity and syncing with other devices: HDMI, USB 3.1, USB 2.0, SD media card reader, universal audio jack, (optional) platinum 92% Efficient PSU, and more.

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Dell Latitude 3580

Dell Latitude 3580 Details – What Hardware and Technology Does This Laptop Come With? How Can it Be Configured?

The great thing about Dell computers for business use (although you can use them for personal entertainment as well) is that they come enhanced with tons of great security features and data protection technology. You can safely communicate and login with ease when using a laptop like the Dell Latitude 3580. Not only is it FIPS-140-2 certified and TPM 2.0 TCG certified, it also uses hardware-based cryptography to ensure secure communications.

Easily sign on to your account by activating Windows Hello through your choice of an infrared camera or touch fingerprint reader. Dell’s Data Protection endpoint suite helps to reduce malware and virus threats up to 50%. The Client Command Suite comes with multiple automation tools that perform tasks such as device monitoring, updating, deploying images, and so forth.

With flexible connectivity, you don’t have to worry about too many cords getting in the way. Most connections are accommodated and dongle-free thanks to USB Type-A ports, VGA, RJ-45, HDMI, and other ports and slots. Since the laptop has an extended 180-degree hinge, you’ll find collaboration to be easy and effective.

The base processor that comes with the Dell Latitude 3580 is an Intel Celeron 3865U unit. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t need anything more powerful, it might be an acceptable choice. However, many users choose to go with an Intel Core i3 processor for a little bit more money. Dell coupon codes may also be available to help you save on upgrades.

For the memory, the notebook comes configured with either 4GB or 8GB DDR4 (2133-MHz). Some configurations come with 500GB 7200-RPM HDD storage and some with 128GB or 256GB M.2 SSD. The hard disk drive is 2.5-inch / 7-mm.

Display Choices for Dell Latitude 3580

If you want a touchscreen, a touch version of the 15.6-inch HD anti-glare display (1366×768) is available. You might also want to opt for a FHD (1920×1080) WLED display with an integrated HD webcam. The aforementioned infrared HD webcam is an option with the touch display.

This Latitude notebook is easy to carry around, as it weighs just 4.40-lbs, and is less than 1-inch thin. The 42WHr battery is capable of running up to 13.5 hours. Not only is that considerably more than what the average laptop battery can handle, it can be extended to 18 hours if you choose a 56WHr battery unit. When it’s sitting near an outlet, you can keep it running with the 65W AC adapter.

Additional features of the Dell Latitude 3580 include an internal single pointing keyboard, Qualcomm dual-band (2×2) 802.11ac wireless adapter, Dell Threat Defense, Dell Encryption (Personal or Enterprise), and much more.

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Dell OptiPlex 3050

Dell OptiPlex 3050 Guide: A Look at the Different Towers, Configuration Options, and Hardware

Many of Dell’s OptiPlex desktop computers are now available in different sizes. Consumers don’t have to be stuck with giant heavy towers that take up a lot of floor or desk space. If you have been eyeing the Dell OptiPlex 3050 series, for instance, you’ll find that it is now available as a small form factor unit as well as a micro tower.

The price doesn’t vary too much, regardless of which size you choose. What matters more than that is what kind of hardware you want it configured with. How much memory do you need? How powerful should your processor be? What about graphics? Dell makes it easy to configure all of their PCs – especially desktops.

The idea behind these desktops is to offer a versatile solution that can help businesses evolve their needs with the right services and technologies. That said, they can be easily used as personal computers as well. No matter what you want to use your 3050 for, you can expect reliable performance without any compromises. It will also be easy to access the inside should you need to switch out hardware or add more, thanks to in-band management and tool-less serviceability.

The Intel Core i5 processor (quad-core / 6MB / four-threads / up to 3.4GHz / 65W) 7500 unit provides a good amount of power and supports both Windows 10 and Linux. The OS the desktop comes with is Windows 10 Pro version (64-bit) that is compatible with English, Spanish, and French.

Dell OptiPlex 3050 Upgrade Options

Additional (base) specs include 4GB of DDR4 memory (2400 MHz), a 500GB hard disk drive (7200 RPM / 3.5-inch), Intel integrated graphics (HD 630), and an 8x (9.5-mm) DVD +/- RW optical drive. Expand the memory up to 32GB and increase the storage capacity. For something faster than an HDD, you can add an SSD.

If you choose the SFF or Micro version of the Dell OptiPlex 3050 tower, there are options for a stand and display (sold separately) so you’ll be able to set up an all-in-one system for versatility. If an all-in-one setup isn’t for you, there are vertical stands and a VESA mount available so that you can mount the tower itself under the desk or on the wall. An adapter bracket is included with these mounts for managing power cables.

Stay connected to the internet with unhindered data transfers, and expect smooth connectivity with DisplayPort technology, variety of USB ports, HDMI, and optional serial port or VGA.

Whether you want the SFF or Micro tower, the Dell OptiPlex 3050 has a lot to offer in terms of security, speed, and reliability. It’s a must have for business use as well as personal use.

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Dell Latitude 3570

Dell Latitude 3570 Review – What Businesses Need to Know About This Quality Laptop, Its Configuration Options, and Design

If your organization is after a quality business laptop that offers more than the run-of-the-mill features, a good place to start your search is with the Dell Latitude 3570. It comes in a variety of configurations and there’s a good chance that you will find exactly what you need without going over your budget. Dell has always done an impressive job at making reliable PCs available at affordable prices.

What does this one have to offer? In addition to an excellent battery life, it has a pleasant design, a few upgrade options (memory and storage), nice input devices, Intel Core processor options, and more.

There are also a lot of features that allow you to get the most out of your hardware. The Dell Client Command Suite, for instance, comes with multiple tools that allow automated and flexible system / BIOS configurations. The Suite comes factory installed, along with Power Manager, which gives you easy customization of energy and battery power options.

Dell laptops such as the 3570 feature top-notch in-class security tools to protect your data and information across all endpoints. Not only is the notebook itself protected, but your cloud storage and external media is as well.

As far as the design goes, this is a simple, yet attractive machine with its all-plastic construction. It has a matte surface all-around, which keeps it appearing compact and light. The only noticeable aspect of the overall surface is the protruding battery pack located on the bottom. The matte finish is fingerprint-resistant and the hinges are very strong and tight.

Dell Latitude 3570 Specifications

Some of the specs and available configurations for the Dell Latitude 3570 include:

• Intel Core i3 processor (5005 U) dual-core up to 2.0 GHz
• 4GB (1 x 4GB) or 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4 RAM
• 500GB hard disk drive (7200RPM) OR 1TB hard disk drive (5400RPM) and optional 128GB SATA SSD Class 20 2.5-inch drive
• Intel HD graphics (GT2)
• 15.6-inch HD WLED display – either 1366×768 or 1920×1080 / both options available as touch and non-touch
• 1 USB 2.0 port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, VGA, HDMI, SD 3.0 memory card reader, RJ-45, and touch fingerprint reader (optional)
• 1820 802.11 ac Dell Wireless technology (dual-band wi-fi) + Bluetooth 4.1 wireless (2×2) card
• 40-Whr four-cell or 65-Whr six-cell Li-Ion battery (Cylindrical) with ExpressCharge

Some of the pros mentioned by users in Dell Latitude 3570 reviews including its outstanding battery life, light and portable build, easy access to the hardware (especially the battery), and low surface temperatures. It’s powerful enough to run most business applications, as well as many entertainment tasks if you want to use it for personal reasons.

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Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop

Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop Overview: How is This Series of Desktops Designed? Why Are They Good for Gaming?

While PCs designed for gaming and entertainment tend to be more expensive than the standard PC, this in no way means that they are beyond your budget. If you want to enjoy all of the popular games on a computer, all you have to do is invest in a Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop. There are a variety of configurations from which you can choose, all offering the level of graphics power, speed and reliability you need for your specific game requirements.

Some of the computers in this series can even handle virtual-reality level graphics. With AMD Ryzen processors and up to 32GB of memory, expect smooth, fast gameplay. View virtual landscapes in the finest details.

This is a great looking machine in addition to being a good-performing one. Select between a slate-gray enhanced exterior with deep-blue LEDs and a sleek black exterior. The Inspiron towers are around average in size for a mid-tower system. The panels located outside of the chassis are made entirely of quality-plastic, but the inside frame is metal.

The power button is also backlit in blue. The lighting is bright enough to give the tower an aura in the dark. You can use the Dell Light Bar Control to toggle the settings – simply place it in the system tray and click on it with the mouse whenever you want to change the settings or turn the lighting off.

What kind of hardware can you configure when ordering a Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop PC? As mentioned above, Ryzen processors are included, beginning with an AMD Ryzen 3 1200 model with four-cores, four-threads and a 10MB cache (up to 3.4GHz with Precision Boost technology). The system DDR4 RAM starts with 8GB and can go up to 32GB if you want to expand. As with any PC, additional memory slots are sold separately. However, they are easy to install in this tower.

Storage Options for Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop

Storage is another important consideration when purchasing a desktop computer. With Dell’s Inspiron gaming series, you can start out with a 1TB SATA hard drive (7200-RPM 6Gb/s), which includes a 64MB cache. Like the memory, add more later on if you need a greater storage capacity (up to 2TB). The base option for graphics is an AMD Radeon RX (570) with 4GB GDDR5 memory.

To ensure a quiet and cool operation, these desktops are designed for optimal temperatures and airflow. There are performance liquid cooling options available along with Extended Frequency Range (XFR) technology, which adjusts the clock speed for a boost in overall system performance.

No matter how you choose to configure it, you can count on a Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop to get you through all of your favorite games with ease.

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